800 Degrees, the Los Angeles Neapolitan pizza chain, announced today that the company has secured funding to open as many as five locations in New York City. 800 Degrees is following in the footsteps of its older sibling, Umami Burger (both are owned by Umami Restaurant Group), which also recently expanded to New York.

The plan is for 800 Degrees to open a flagship location in NoMad, the neighborhood northwest of Madison Square Park, though a specific address has yet to be announced. They then hope to open “up to four additional locations to follow across the five boroughs.”

Of course, a West Coast company entering the New York market may have worked well with burgers, but pizza is another story. What's next, a croissant franchise in Paris?

But co-owner Anthony Carron is feeling confident. “There are a lot of $1 slice joints and

expensive boutique pizzerias,” he says. “We have an unusual mix of authentic Neapolitan pizza with fresh, amazing ingredients, fast service and an incredible price for the quality. We believe 800 Degrees will be as big a hit in New York as it has been in California.”

No word yet on a timeline for the New York launch of 800 Degrees.

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