There's a new tweeter in town and she's mad as hell. In the last week, @ScrewYouSXSW, the self-proclaimed pissed off wife of a SXSW attendee, has been tweeting about happenings she's been learning about from her husband via text. A number of people at SXSW think this enigmatic person is of the male persuasion and here at the conference. But like many things at SXSW, perhaps the truth behind it all is better left in the dark. We were able to do a quick Q&A session with @ScrewYouSXSW. Here's what she had to say.

1. L.A. Weekly: It's obvious you're someone here at SXSW. Can you disclose your identity?

@ScrewYouSXSW: If I were at SXSW the Twitter account wouldn't be necessary. I am in fact at home, and my home isn't Austin or anywhere in Texas for that matter.

2. L.A. Weekly: What inspired your Twitter account?

@ScrewYouSXSW: I know what these conferences are like — especially SXSW, even thought I've never attended. I know it's generally a bunch of blowhards who think they are important and need to justify their existence through their attendance at events like it. I was watching Leo LaPorte's TWiT live feed at the Mashable party, and I almost fell over laughing at how comical it all was. Dudes with random start-ups just bowing down to him like he was God, and who felt like they had to pump their app to douchebags who are watching online.

3. L.A. Weekly: Where are you from?

@ScrewYouSXSW: I'm not from Austin, that's for sure. If I told you my identity I'd have to kill you, or need to be promised that it wouldn't be published.

4. L.A. Weekly: What do you do for a living? Are you a writer?

@ScrewYouSXSW: I am not a writer. I would like to be though, which is perhaps part of the reason behind the Twitter account. I am actually a producer for online content.

5. L.A. Weekly: What do you think of SXSW this year? Is it all just a bunch of partying and shenanigans, or is there real value to this event?

@ScrewYouSXSW: I have a few thoughts on this…

a) I think SXSW has gotten too big for its own good. It's an amplified Macworld with a bunch of geeks who think they can PR the shit out of their likely redundant app (or soon- to-be redundant app.) The truth of the matter is the only people who matter to people who attended SXSW are people who attended SXSW. The need to tweet from SXSW is so stupid. Ninety percent of the industry that really REALLY cares is already here, so really you're only publishing for a very small percentage of people, who may or may not care, because everyone else they are following are likely tweeting the exact same messages from the exact same panels.

b) I love the party scene, only for its pure redonkulousness. Leo Laport crowdsurfing was probably the biggest event to occur at SXSW this year, including the panels and keynotes. The fact that the most popular event at SXSWi was an act that went out of style when Cobain died is incomparable and laughable crazy. People complaining about the line-up to get into the Mashable party? When a website has a party and you can't get in, and you complain about it, you really need to re-evaluate your position in life.

c) Every year after SXSW there is a discussion about what its legacy will be. Three years ago, it was Twitter. Last year, it was KIND OF Foursquare. This year, as far as I can tell, it really is a dog's breakfast of QR codes, privacy, and occasion, even though location has been a real staple of social media for six months now and was introduced a year ago with Foursquare. The fact that a conference needs to have a legacy in and of itself is funny. Who does SXSW think it is? Nelson Mandela?

6. L.A. Weekly: What do you like about SXSW and what do you not like about it?

@ScrewYouSXSW: I like the comedy it provides. I don't like the cult-like status that no on really questions. If SXSW were an iPad, it would be able to blow fireworks out its headphone jack and pick up your groceries for you with its wifi not to mention being able to make everyone in the world think your iPad is the dopest thing since raisin bread.

7. L.A. Weekly: How's your husband doing?

@ScrewYouSXSW: He's good.

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