Whether you’re a first-time voter or seasoned pro, there’s nothing quite like that sense of accomplishment you get after casting your ballot. And what better way to show the world that you participated in democracy than by flaunting your voting sticker? Here are six ways to show off your “I Voted” sticker:

1. Turn it into a fashion statement.

Whether you’re rocking a denim jacket or a little black dress, your “I Voted” sticker can add a touch of whimsy (and patriotism) to any outfit. Just be careful not to put it on too close to Election Day—you don’t want to give away how you voted!

2. Give your selfie a boost.

Selfies are all the rage these days, so why not make yours Election-themed? Stick your “I Voted” sticker on your forehead or cheek, snap a pic, and share it with your friends and followers. Just make sure you use the hashtags #Vote and #ElectionDay so people know what you’re up to!

3. Put it on your car.

This one is especially effective if you live in a swing state or have out-of-town family and friends who need a reminder to vote. A simple “I Voted” sticker on your car bumper can go a long way toward getting others to the polls on Election Day.

4. Stick it on your front door.

This is a great way to show off your voting pride to your neighbors—and maybe even encourage them to vote, too! If you want to get really creative, you can even make a whole wreath out of “I Voted” stickers (just be sure to remove it before Election Day).

5. Make a sign…then take it down.

Election signs are everywhere during campaign season, but they usually come down pretty quickly after the votes have been tallied. So why not make an “I Voted” sign of your own and keep it up year-round? You can put it in your front yard, by the door of your apartment, or even in your office at work. Wherever you choose to display it, just be prepared for people to ask questions about how you voted!

6. Wear it with pride…but not for too long.

An “I Voted” sticker should absolutely be worn with pride…but maybe not for more than 24 hours after casting your ballot. After all, once everyone knows you voted, what’s left to prove?


No matter how you choose to show off your “I Voted” sticker, just remember that every vote counts! So get out there and make yours count on Election Day. And if you haven’t voted yet, check out our write-ups for LA mayoral candidates Karen Bass and Rick Caruso.

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