Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga are all household names in the music industry. So it is not new for audiophiles or even casual music listeners to hear these names on television or the internet. Now, the beauty of music is that it is not only composed of famous artists. For instance, indie pop and rock artists are widely appreciated by listeners as well. 

In the U.S., the pop and rock genres came in first and second in ratings compared to others in 2022. It is no wonder that there is a rise in indie artists that belong and flock to the categories of both pop and rock music. 

So if you are the type of person who loves to indulge themselves in a variety of music genres, here are six indie pop and rock artists you can listen to that have been on the rise in 2022. 

Indie pop and rock artists are stepping up their game in the music industry

Despite not being as popular as the mainstream Top 40 artists we all know and love, indie artists are gradually making their presence known to the public. Anyone has a shot at creating outstanding music, and record label contracts are no longer a requirement for artists to be successful in their craft. 

This has been proven countless times by indie pop/rock artists on the rise this year. Take Måneskin for instance. They owned the stage by snagging the No. 1 spot in nine different countries and the No. 5 spot in 19 others. 

1. Måneskin

Whether you may or may not be familiar with the name Måneskin, you have probably heard the cover of “Beggin” on platforms like TikTok, and lately even on the radio. The band Måneskin is the one responsible for doing that very cover that has managed to snag the No. 1 spot in nine countries and the No. 13 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart! 

The band itself was caught by surprise due to their sudden popularity in the U.S., and this opportunity has only propelled them to new heights. The Italian band had their fame spread across multiple music-streaming platforms like Spotify—on which their music was streamed approximately 900 million times. 

Apart from their “Beggin” cover, they also feature other popular hits like “I Wanna Be Your Slave”, “Zitto E Buon”, “Moiro Da Re”, and so much more. Rock music enthusiasts will surely enjoy music from the likes of Måneskin. 

2. Holly Humberstone

22-year old British indie pop artist, Holly Humberstone, has truly made her mark in the hearts of millions. The music she produces has earned her an award called the Rising Star from BRITS Awards. Aside ftom this prestigious award that artists like Adele, Sam Smith, Jessie J, and Ellie Golding has been awarded with as well, Humberstone captivated 64 million listeners with music she wips up. 

An example of just how astounding and deserving Humberstone is of her awards and exposure is the views she has on each of her videos on YouTube. “Seventeen Going Under” has 1.7M views, “The Walls Are Way Too Thin” has 2.3M views, and “Falling Asleep at the Wheels” has 2.2M views. She has a whole lot of other music that has garnered thousands, if not millions, of views. 

3. BoyWithUke

This 20-year old anonymous rapper from Massachusetts has successfully made a name for himself on two of the most popular social media platforms—YouTube and TikTok. This talented young star learned to independently whip up his own music using just GarageBand on his iPad. 

Some of his hit songs on YouTube have amassed millions of views. Take “Toxic” for instance. This song has 77M views, “Understand” has 43M views, “Long Drives” has 34M views, “IDGAF” has 29M views, and “Two Moons” has 27M views. BoyWithUke has more songs in his arsenal, and luckily for his fans, there are more to come. 

4. Wet Leg 

The duo-rock band, Wet Leg, has swept the indie rock genre off its feet and taken it to new heights. Their kind of music is a breath of fresh air since it seems so long ago when people witnessed a girl duo rock band take over the music charts. 

On YouTube, we can see that their videos have amassed quite the number of views as well. Their “Chaise Longue” has 7.7M views, “Ur Mum” has 3.2M views, “Wet Dream” has 5M views, “Too Late Now” has 1.7M views, and “Angelica” has 1.6M views. 

The band has truly taken off since they ended up winning the U.K. independent breakthrough award. This is only the beginning for Wet Leg. Who knows what successes are in store for them in the future? 

5. Surf Curse 

Another hit song that got people fanning over a song that has appeared to be used by millions of TikTok users is “Freaks,” and it was sung by none other than Surf Curse. Not everyone is aware that the song “Freaks” was actually sung by an indie band—and that makes it all the better since it indicates that indie artists are making their way up the music industry. 

The nerve, uniqueness, and talent of Surf Curse have landed them a label at Atlantic Records, home to several established artists like Lizzo and Ed Sheeran. With this opportunity, the band is granted a great opportunity to create more songs for the people. 

Aside from “Freaks,” Surf Curse has garnered millions of views on their videos on their YouTube channel as well. “Disco” has 7M views, “Sugar” has 1.7M views, “In My Head Till I’m Dead” has 1M views, and “Goth Babe” has 509K views. 

6. Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barret, a TikTok star and indie music artist, has been popular for quite some time now, and for those who may not know, she did not initially become famous due to her being a musician. Barret’s fame hit off when she joined TikTok. There, she became known for her lip-syncing videos and amassed a large following. 

This exposure has led her to pivot to a different path—music. Things turned out great for her as she was also successful on this path too. She has several songs under her belt, and all have millions of views, respectively. 

“la di die” has 53M views, “die first” has 11M views, “counting crimes” has 7.9M views, “keep me afraid” has 4.5M views, and “dying on the inside” has 5.4M views. It is no surprise to see that her career only goes up from here! 

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