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Saving money has become more important than ever before as the pandemic has made skills like good budgeting and couponing sought after. It is often difficult though to know where to seek out discounts and bargains online and we often only find discounted products when we are lucky enough to stumble across a deal. Free Stuff Finder was created to help with this and brings together sale discounts from all across the web into one place.

Free Stuff Finder operates across their website and mobile app where they source and share live deals that offer a 50% or more discount on everyday products from air fryers to sleepwear. Free Stuff Finder gives American consumers who visit their site and install their app access to price deals that are regularly updated throughout the day. Their focus on everyday products like children’s clothes and kitchen appliances has created a niche where American families can source essentials for their household in one place.

Free Stuff Finder’s creator and owner Tina Su says of the need to give American households access to lower prices on everyday essentials; “The cost of living has risen so much that there isn’t a single home out there that couldn’t benefit from saving on essentials.”

Since its inception in 2011, Free Stuff Finder has separated itself from other deal-finding sites by building a community around the search for deals. Free Stuff Finder creator Tina Su is a mother and money expert who shares her tips and tricks for saving money and shopping smart on the Free Stuff Finder Youtube channel. Her personable manner and openness about why she is always on a hunt for a bargain set the channel apart from other similar discounting videos. Su herself says, “Couponing becomes a way of life once you start and it’s a passion with a strong community behind it who are all united in their desire to shop smartly.” Indeed Free Stuff Finder’s reach now stretches across social media from Instagram to Facebook, where shoppers can submit money-saving deals that they have found.

The unprecedented times that we are currently living in don’t seem likely to end soon and the opportunity to save money and lighten the load of a household will always be welcome.

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