After a strange turn of events, including a recent summer heat wave in spring and then thunderstorms in some parts of greater Los Angeles Wednesday, spring is finally here.

It's official. 

Spring reaches Los Angeles at 3:45 p.m. today, which marks the March equinox, when day and night are of equal length. From here on out, the days get longer and the nights get shorter.

It's also that time of year when people get excited about fair-weather activities, such as sex, tanning and spending tax-return money.

Here are the 5 undercover signs you know it's spring in L.A:

5. Farmers markets are packed, and if you show up hungover at 11 a.m. all you're going to find is a bruised heirloom tomato and some discounted corn.

4. Those beautiful yellow poppies are back! Or, maybe they're not. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
says the annual poppy bloom “has been all but cooked away by the unseasonable heat we've had over the last week.” Pray for June gloom.

Credit: File photo by Colin Young-Wolff/L.A. Weekly

Credit: File photo by Colin Young-Wolff/L.A. Weekly

3. People are waxing their surfboards. No, waxing your board is not some new sex act. Yes, lots of people are talking surf on Facebook while Instagramming shots of the $1,500 longboards their moms bought them five years ago but which have yet to taste actual saltwater. But the sun is out, so just in case that thing gets any closer to the Pacific, it's good to know it has a fresh layer of Sticky Bumps.

2. Gas prices are up.
Actually, they're not. But don't be surprised if they head north between now and summer. Spring is the time when gas stations must switch to more-expensive summer blends. Plus, increased demand among those of you taking fair-weather road trips to wine country also tend to push up pump prices. But—count yourselves lucky—wholesale rates are keeping gas prices low for now.

1. There are actually Coachella clothing sales. What is Coachella clothing, you ask? If you're female, it includes high-waisted cut-off shorts and bikini tops. Native American looks are optional but not recommended. For men it's all about dressing like you grew up in a trailer park and it's Miller time. Beer stains mandatory. If electronic dance music is your thing, also be on the lookout for pre-season rave gear sales on things like glow sticks and pure nudity. 

The big question now is, what are the signs summer has arrived to Southern California? Multiply all the above times 10. Then you'll know.
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