Your sex life might be on point this Thanksgiving, or you might be experiencing a dry spell the likes of which the Sahara desert itself has never seen. We can't know that.

What we can and do know, however, is that we all have some things to be thankful about when it comes to sex here in L.A. Here are five of them:

1. Adult toy stores to suit all your needs

We're lucky enough to have some straight legit adult toy stores scattered throughout this city. To wit: The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood, which also offers up great classes like “Suck It, Lick It, Love It” and “Gay Sex for Men” in addition to their wide and varied toy selection. Freddy and Eddy is located in Marina del Rey, and run by a happy married couple. And of course, the Hustler store is on Hollywood Blvd., offering up a massive collection of porn and Hustler paraphernalia.

2. Porn is downright acceptable

So, we just passed Measure B requiring condoms to be worn in porn, and that sucks. But in general, L.A. is very porn friendly. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who works in the adult industry, and for the most part we have open hearts and minds about the fact that it's shot (for now) in our own backyard.

3. Planned Parenthood thrives

Planned Parenthood has 19 locations throughout the city, such that your sexual health needs can always be tended to. Unlike other parts of the country, we're not at risk for having it shut down by health-hating crazy people, nor do we have to drive three hours to get to the nearest clinic. In fact, here's a list of all their health centers.

4. Erotic readings happen all the time

Do you really think that other cities have as many readings of erotic literature as we do here? WELL THINK AGAIN. They don't. Meanwhile, we have Anna David's True Tales of Love and Lust, The Pleasure Chest does regular erotic readings, and once upon a time Upright Citizens Brigade ran “Worst Laid Plans” (bring it back!).

5. A strip club for everyone

Whether you want to see tattooed burlesque-type dancers get weird onstage at Jumbo's Clown Room or straight up naked porn star types at Spearmint Rhino, there is a strip club in the city to suit everyone's taste. And comfort level. And relationship status. We're an equal opportunity town for peelers and the customers who love them.

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