If you're one of those people who puts Sriracha on everything, you're not the only one. The Rosemead-produced condiment has been making big headlines these days. Over ten million bottles of the popular chili are made each year and the sauce has become a food-culture mainstay. Remember Sriracha lollipops?

Now the famous rooster is moving from food-culture to pop-culture. Designers are taking the spicy sauce and dressing it up on everything from shoes to rings. Who can blame them? Sriracha is blazing hot. Here's a round-up of five fashion accessories the Huy Fong Foods product has recently inspired.

"Shake well"; Credit: Etsy/NiceTeeTees

“Shake well”; Credit: Etsy/NiceTeeTees

5. Sriracha T-Shirt:

Perhaps only the most diehard fans of Sriracha can pull this off on a daily basis. But if you're already planning for the next costume party, be sure to top if off with a green pointed hat. The shirt is selling for $18.95 on Etsy. Tell your friends you'll be in the hot one in a squeeze bottle.

Saucy ring; Credit: Etsy/FunWithNeedles

Saucy ring; Credit: Etsy/FunWithNeedles

4. Sriracha Ring:

If you like it, better put a ring on it. This is for the foodists who want to make a more subtle fashion statement. The adorable Sriracha ring is hand-stitched with red, black, green and white embroidery floss on white aida cloth. The price tag on this gem is $8. A bit hefty for a cloth ring, but boys — it's a great, albeit cheesy, way to tell someone you think they're hot.

"In Cock We Trust"; Credit: Society 6

“In Cock We Trust”; Credit: Society 6

3. “An Ode To Sriracha” Tote Bag:

We're loving the tongue-in-cheek humor on this tote bag. This tasteful ode to Sriracha by Drunk Girl Designs is selling for $18 at Society 6. The ribbon around it says it all: “Put it On Everything.” And they mean everything. You can buy this print on a hoodie, T-shirt, iPhone case or on a plain white canvas.

SPF 15; Credit: The Oatmeal

SPF 15; Credit: The Oatmeal

2. Sriracha Lip Balm:

Pucker up, it's rooster sauce for the lips. SPF 15! Sriracha is a lot of things, but one thing it definitely does not do is moisturize. The people over at The Oatmeal have changed all that with their own brand of chili lip balm. According to the label, it's like “making out with a tasty napkin.” Well said. It's currently not in stock on The Oatmeal, but you can buy it from their partners over at J&D.

Hot heels; Credit: Hourglass Shoes

Hot heels; Credit: Hourglass Shoes

1. “Rock It” Stilettos:

Your feet will be burning hot with the heat of a million dying suns (and we don't mean from the pain of wearing three-inch platforms). These spicy hand-painted heels are making waves in both the food and fashion world. “It does make perfect sense to put a hot sauce on heels,” Hourglass Shoes founder Kira Bundlie told Bon Appetit. “Spicy, sexy, hot are all words that can be applied to the sauce and the shoes.” The pumps are retailing for $190 and would go well with black tights or a pair of skinny jeans. They also come in flats.

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