Tonight, the fate of the free world is in all of our hands. While you're watching the election returns with a shot of whiskey in your hand, perhaps you'll be thinking about how happy you'd be if only you could find someone who has exactly the same political viewpoints as you do…or, if you're already partnered up, maybe you'll be exchanging witticisms with your lady or your gent about how right you are, and how wrong the other side is.

But allow us to suggest that maybe you want to be with someone who takes an opposing stance on issues as you. What's that you say? It seems crazy? Well, here are five reasons to give it a shot:

1. You will make your own points more salient

If you spend every single day nodding in agreement at somebody when it comes to politics, you run the risk of letting that sharp mind of yours slide into laziness. You'll begin to think that everyone feels the same way you do, you'll get boring, and then when your relationship ends you won't be able to meet anyone else and you'll hole up in your studio apartment forever and you'll die alone. (We kid. But seriously; challenge yourself.)

2. Angry political sex

You know how you hate Paul Ryan but at the same time you want to fuck his brains out? Yeah.

3. You'll impress friends and neighbors with your open-mindedness

It takes a big person to overlook opposing politics and fall in love. If you can recognize that your partner has an opinion that's different than yours but at the same time respect that it doesn't make him or her a terrible person – in fact, he or she is a person you can still be in love with – well, that speaks volumes about your character and your willingness to be independent in a relationship.

4. Your dinner conversation will be much more interesting to yourselves and others

Who wants to sit and listen to two people agree over everything? No one. That's who. So when you and your opposite-believing partner have friends over or go to a dinner party and are willing to spark a political debate, you just won about fifteen points as guests and/or hosts. Not only that, but the sexual tension you generate will be a welcome relief from stuffily clinking glasses in agreement about Obamacare.

5. Love is colorblind

Love sees neither red nor blue! Truthfully here – and we hate to get overly sincere – but if you take someone out of the running to be in a relationship with because of their politics, you might miss out on meeting someone great.

So open up that mind and overlook that ballot — in the name of love.

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