Other than the wax and wane of the moon, the rise and fall of the River Nile and Lindsay Lohan's rehab visits, few events have more regularity than the HARD festivals. Just when you thought you had recovered from the last session of all night rug-cutting, another HARD dance party pops up. This Saturday's HARD 13 fest features a British invasion by Boy 8-bit, Jack Beats, and headliners FAKE BLOOD . Taking over the Nokia theater, HARD 13 will give club kids and fuzzy-boot enthusiasts a chance to explore new rave-gear technology at the Deep Space 9-themed LA Live complex.

Just don't call it a rave.

After the jump: Video clips, and 5 questions with Destructo (aka, HARD creator, Gary Richards)

1. You do HARD Fests across the country, what specifically do you see at LA's HARD fest that makes hometown crowds unique?

It's larger in LA and the LA folks have the best dance moves. It's at Club Nokia so that's a first. Let's go LA live!

2. Since you started in the 90's, massive dance events were vilified as “raves”, then somewhere along the line, they were mainstreamed. How are dance parties different now than when you started in the 90's and does the “underground feel” matter anymore?

Today everything is done by the book dealing with the city, police, and fire. We are first and foremost concerned with safety and that is something that was missing back in the day by most promoters. I think our scene has gone way beyond the underground now and it feels great.

3. All DJ's have some secret weapons in their vinyl arsenal. What's your “ringer,” that song you play that gets everyone dancing and what about your 'deuce song,' the one you put on so you can run and do the deed, then return without anyone knowing?

JACK BEATS' “Project Bassline” Drop the Pressure remix and FAKE BLOOD “I think I like it.” [As for the deuce], I hold it.

4. Fake Blood, Jack Beats, and Boy 8-bit are from London, and it's kind of hard to understand British people sometimes. I had a British friend named Paul who, on the dance floor, would tell American girls his name, and they'd all be like, “Pole? Your name is Pole?” Any communication breakdowns with these Brits, and have they offered you a 'Toad in the Hole'?

I can understand everything English people say because I have spent so much time there. Yes (on the toad in the hole) and I don't like it very much.

5. If HARD 13 had a yearbook, who would get “Most Likely to Make a Baby in L.A.”: Fake Blood, Jack Beats, Destructo or Boy 8-bit?

Hopefully they all use protection so no one will get pregnant.

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