Former Rep. Anthony Weiner's comically tragic undoing will be the butt of wiener jokes for some time to come, but at least that's a step above being the wiener in butt jokes.

With Weinergate 2011 coming to a close, we got to thinking (ouch, that hurts) about what political figures we might actually want to get a sext from. Some of our top choices already have reputations as bad boys, MILFS and uhm, Presidents, but regardless, power is an aphrodisiac, and for those in power it's way harder to keep it in their pants.

Some of our picks are already known cheaters, which improves our chances for said sexual tête-à-tête. But it's their wit, charm, confidence and seemingly insatiable sexual appetite – or, in the case of one conservative house member, six pack abs – that really press our buttons.

So, you ask, who's next to sext?

1. The Bad Boy: John Edwards

It's always fun to sext with someone who breaks the rules, and from the smug look on John Edwards' mug shot (or is it a smug shot?) the sweet-looking former senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate is bad to the bone. When you're dealing with a bad boy he may look sweet, but under that confidence – and indifference – lies the challenge.

Bad boys are fueled by testosterone, which makes them exciting and adventurous. You can guarantee that Edwards' sexts would be dirty and hot, and will probably tell you exactly what you want to hear to assure he continues to hear from you.

Who couldn't love someone who's used campaign money to hide his other family?

Bonus: He's already cheated at least once, so sexting's practically harmless.

2. The Six-Pack-Abs Single Representative Guy: Aaron Schock

When we look at Aaron Shock we can't help but think that an Aaron a day would definitely keep the doctor away. The ripped Republican with his conservative values and clean-cut appearance happens to be youngest member of the House of Representatives – not to mention a super stud.

His body represented itself liberally on the cover of Men's Health last month, and he even showed a little boxer (daring!). While we prefer the boxer briefs, we'll let it slide because he's the responsible, adult type of guy our dads want us to marry.

Bonus: He's not married, so he (and you) doesn't have to worry about the wife and kids.

3. The Ultimate MILF: Sarah Palin

The former Governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate – and possibly even 2012 presidential race runner (sigh) – may not be book smart, but what she lacks in brains she makes up for in brawn.

It might be just us, but there's something highly erotic about uttering the words, “hockey mom” as we stare deep into her LensCrafters frames. (And we dig a chick in glasses, even if they are just for seeing.)

We don't care if she's a raging hypocrite and liar, she's the type of woman who sticks by, and enjoys shooting, her guns.

BONUS: Since she's really good at making things up, she can deny sexting ever happened.

4. The Former Movie Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since sexting couldn't damage his reputation any further, hitting up the former Governator for some crotch shots seems like a grand idea for any sexting enthusiasts.

He obviously likes women, doesn't believe in commitment and has money, so he makes for a perfect sexter. The Arnold seems like the right partner for working out the kinks, too.

BONUS: He's not attached at the moment.

5. The President: Barack Obama

He's desirable not only because he's the ruler of the free world (rawr), but his humor, sensitivity and love for his family make him double-hot with a side of sexy.

Fine, he's the least likely to sext back, and honestly, we'd feel ill if he did, but as John Waters once said, “A no is always free.” Besides, we love a good challenge.

BONUS: Even if you get a, “How did you get this number?” text back, you still got a text from the President.

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