The sex culture in LA is apparent — from being the #1 city in the US that gets the most sex (according to a survey by Trojan), to the number of swingers, strippers, and sex clubs scattered throughout the city, Angelenos just always know where to find places to have sex in LA.

Here are 5 places to have sex in LA — in case you want a change in scenery (or you’re up for an adventure):

5 secret (and not so secret) places to have sex in LA

1. Motel 6

One of the best places to have sex in LA is perhaps the most obvious one: a motel. It’s affordable and you can take your romantic partner — or someone you want to hook up with there. Motel 6 is accessible to Angelenos and tourists. And they offer various amenities to get you and your partner comfortable throughout your stay.

2. Griffith Park

Parks can be a great option if you want to have a quickie with your partner — or if the thought of public sex arouses you! Griffith Park, for instance, is huge and it has lots of secluded areas where you and your partner can do it without getting caught! If you’re courageous enough, you can even try having sex in the Griffith Observatory or The Greek Theatre.

3. Los Angeles’ Beaches

One of the first ideas that pop into almost everyone’s minds when thinking of places to have sex in LA (that isn’t in their home) is the beach. After all, there are far too many scenic beaches to choose from. You can try having sex in beaches that aren’t too frequented by visitors — like Carbon Beach, Bluff Cove, Big Rock Beach, Sacred Cove, or Marina Peninsula Beach

However, you can also have sex in the car while parked in one of the many, many beaches of LA — this will make your “sexcapade” less risky, if ever.

4. Swingers Clubs

Los Angeles has no shortage of private clubs for you to take part in. Whether you’re single who’s looking to get lucky, or if you already have a partner — and you want to add another to join the party — you can apply for a membership in some swingers clubs in LA.

Club Joi and Mass Pleasures, for instance, are known to have swinger parties where you can maximize the use of their clubs. Other clubs also cater their services more toward the LGBTQI+ community — such as Slammer and Flex. There are also clubs with BDSM as their main theme — like Threshold.

5. Public Bathrooms

There’s something about the rooftop bars’ lighting that get a lot of people turned on. Therefore, if it really can’t wait — or you just don’t feel like taking it to the bedroom at your place — you can sneak into the restaurant bathroom with the person you’ll be doing it with. Make sure you do it quickly and that you do it discreetly.

If you’re in the car, and you’re already getting touchy with your partner — but there’s nowhere to park — you can also try having sex in a gas station bathroom. As much as possible, however, don’t go out at the same time. And reserve the smirk or grin once you’re back in the vehicle!

Important to know:

Just like many other states, the California Penal Code 647(a) deems it illegal for people to publicly engage in “lewd” acts. That said, public sexual acts are considered to be lewd conduct. If you get caught, legal action will be fined against you and your partner — you’d most likely have to consult a lawyer to help you with your case.

Just to be on the safe side, try not to get caught! Better yet, do it in a private location instead.

All things considered,

There are tons of ideas on places to have sex in LA. From private clubs to secluded beaches. Some locations are also blatantly considered to be public spaces. If you choose to do it there, there will always be a chance of you and your partner getting caught. Have public sex at your own risk!

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