Jennifer Coolidge has officially squinted her way into our hearts. The 61-year-old actor is once again the talk of the town after returning with an unforgettable performance as Tanya McQuoid, the wealthy, self-effacing and self-discovering socialite on season two of HBO’s hit White Lotus — a part that was written just for her by her friend and the show’s creator, Mike White. It’s hard to pin down what makes Coolidge so endlessly watchable — it’s some combo of her sexy, breathy, stuttering, flighty, honest, and bewilderingly strange behaviors and pronouncements. But what we do know is whether playing a character or just being her IRL self, she is downright hilarious. Just the way she says things can make us weak. Here are some of the funniest Jennifer Coolidge videos we could find:

1. When Jennifer Coolidge accepted her Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie

What makes Coolidge so enigmatic as a comedian is we’re never quite sure where the characters she plays end and the person begins. We see this in her countless media appearances and interviews.

One of our favorite moments is her accepting her well-deserved Emmy earlier this year, after making the mistake of taking a lavender bath.

What happens after “Hit the Road Jack” starts was the best moment of the night.

2. When Jennifer Coolidge talked about how the role of Stiffler’s mom boosted her body count

Being Stiffler’s mom had an enormous windfall. By her admission, it gave her a lot of “sexual action” notching 200 on her bedpost.

The whole interview is worth a watch. Keep a lookout for her Real Housewives opening line to know why Ms. Coolidge is no one to be effed with.

3. Her Onion speech from White Lotus season 1

Coolidge is a master of being the underdog with her incredible vulnerability. And even in her saddest moments, she can illicit a laughing tear with her admission of being a … well watch the dang clip:

4. Anytime Jennifer Coolidge cries

Watch past the onion clip on the previous video. I’ll say it here: Best damn crier in the business! Put that on my name!

No one can be that over-the-top while being that believable.

5. When she got fired through a bathroom stall, and got bossed around by her assistant

The assistant thing is just like Tanya!

6. Getting written into White Lotus because she’s so strange.

In this Kimmel interview, Ms. Coolidge reveals how a trip she went on with friend and show creator Mike White ended up with her getting written into the show. Art truly does imitate life!

***The next one doesn’t spoil much but it is from the White Lotus season two finale***

7. When Jennifer Coolidge runs around a yacht on White Lotus season two

Coolidge is a living master class of physical comedy, even in just the way she sits or whips her head around when she’s talking. One of the funniest moments of season two’s finale has her darting around a boat with nearly the finesse of a CIA agent.

“This boat is huge” kills me die every time.

*A bonus* for the White Lotus fans! Mike White on Survivor

Did you know creator Mike White was on two seasons of Amazing Race and a season of Survivor? He’s as drunk and sassy as you would imagine. Take a look:

@thescarygodmother What did everyone think if the season 2 finale?? I LOVED it #whitelotus #thewhitelotus #whitelotusseason2 #jennifercoolidge #hbomax #survivor ♬ original sound – Livia


We could go on and on, and if you have an evening, we can assure you Jennifer Coolidge YouTube binge would be time well spent. We kept things to this decade, but thankfully, Ms. Coolidge’s body of work reaches back decades.

Catch this Fallon clip to learn how Jennifer Coolidge has ended back up in our mind’s eye. It’ll give a starting point to learn that we’re in the age of the Jennifer Coolidge renaissance, and it’s a great time to be alive.


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