As you know, in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out. How then to explain the cheerful ubiquity of Miss Piggy?

Last August, the porcine mop/puppet turned up at Opening Ceremony to promote a muppet-themed apparel line. This month, she graces a spread in InStyle magazine sporting Jason Wu, Suno and Brian Atwood. M.A.C. began pushing its diva pig-themed capsule make-up — think false eyelashes, black eyeliner and neon pink eyshadow — around the time Lifetime officially announced her guest spot as a judge on Project Runway: All-Stars in 2012.

With all due respect, and at the risk of finding ourselves on the business end of a karate chop, we find Miss Piggy's heiress-meets-Hollywood look a little staid. Allow us to respectfully submit this list of the top five fashion-forward muppets who deserve equal opportunity to vogue.

5. Animal

The spiked-collar drummer yang to Kermit's banjo-playing yin, this boho chic muppet favors rusty chains and grunge à la 90s-era Courtney Love, 2000s-era Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and your seventh-grade-era boyfriend. His tendency to communicate solely via grunts and the repetition of his own name should serve him in good stead come New York Fashion Week 2012.

4. Gonzo

With his artfully mismatched tie, plaid sweater vest and expertly tailored button-down, we wouldn't be be surprised to catch a glimpse of Gonzo on an L.A. edition of the Sartorialist this fall, caught on his way, perhaps, to the vegan-burrito-stand-cum-local-brewery he owns and operates in Los Feliz.

3. Fozzie Bear

This normally low key stand-up comedian bear gets less credit than he should for his fashion-forward ensembles. Consider, for example, his willingness to accessorize daily with a tie and fedora despite the absence of any discernible shirt. Consider also the fact that in the photo above he's wearing something he calls “fart shoes.”

2. Pepe

A relatively new addition to the Muppet family, Pepe makes up for lost time by taking top marks in style. Here he enhances his delicate frame with a subtle gold chain and mock turtleneck, all the better to bring out the scarlet undertones of his fiery red mane, okay?

1. Statler and Waldorf

Project Runway producers, get your priorities in order! (And Simon Cowell, eat your heart out). Bringing you the best in grumpy old man style since basically forever, this pair of learned critics turned the heckle from a pastime into an art. We share their passion for old-world tailoring, but mostly they take number one because if anybody's worthy of the chance to dash the dreams of aspiring designers runway-side by Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia, it's these two.

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