Growing up, I had a hard time finding the right set of hair that worked for me. I think a lot of Asian guys can relate to the cost/savings measure that many an Asian parent put us through, namely the Chili Bowl Haircut. It's literally what it sounds like, you simply put a bowl over your head and cut around in one big circle.

Alas, this avant garde coif afforded me nary a glance from the young women of my high school. Psychologically scarred? Perhaps. Coiffure clueless? You betcha.

As a dating and pick-up coach, one of the easy things I can have a client do to almost instantly get him better success – or at least his foot in the door – is to spice up that hair and show off his virility as a man and sexual partner.

Here are my top five cuts guaranteed to impress the fairer sex:

1) Faux Hawk (or its edgier cousin, the Blood Hawk): Yes, it's the David Beckham haircut and yes a ton of guys are sporting it now, but for the average office worker who punches into his 9-to-5 job, it's the perfect choice. It can be as low or as high maintenance as you want. At night, said salaryman pushes his hair up, applies hair product, and is ready to rule the roost. By day, he pushes it down and to the side and he's got mild mannered Clark Kent! If you really want to go edgier, do a few streaks of red through your hair for the Blood Hawk. Yes, it's edgier and it definitely gets more attention.

Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber

2) The Justin Beiber: It's the “over-the-eyes because I'm a mysterious, yet oh so hip pop idol” hair-do. This one is a lot more high maintenance because it requires a straightening iron and hair product, but I've known a ton of girls who go ga-ga over it. I will say no more before I too am consumed with Beiber Fever.

3) The Turtle: Hey, some of us are going to be born with a receding hairline or straight up baldness. That's just genetic poker for you and you can't do anything about it barring

artificial solutions. Do what all the handsome African American leading men do. BICK IT. Shave it to the skin and rock that look. It's go BIG or go HOME. Women love rubbing a baby-smooth, sexy noggin. Note: Get a tan if you're pasty and pale.

4) The Yellow Fabio (or the Rain Maker): Think Rain from Ninja Assassin. Long, beautiful locks on a man can drive women to distraction. Hell, look at all the rock stars of years ago who landed the punani. One of my coaches, Gareth Jones, has the kind of long blond rocker hair that has literally stopped girls in their tracks. This one is really high maintenance, but worth it if you can rock it.

Ninja Assassin has nice hair.

Ninja Assassin has nice hair.

5) The Fedora: Maybe you don't want to call it quits on the last wispy vestiges of your hair. Or maybe you don't have the aggressive, physical body to pull off the “I just got out of jail and I can bench press 400 pounds” bald inmate look. I totally dig it. Instead, go with the less lifestyle changing option. RAT PACK IT! Get yourself a Frank Sinatra-inspired fedora. It says style, panache and a little moxie going for the unconventional, yet classy, look of a fedora.

And there you have it gentlemen. Whether you've got long curls, short locks or none at all, use your head. It'll surely attract the ladies.

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