For underground music freaks, the 8-bit or chiptune phenomenon is nothing new. By working within the boundaries of primitive Nintendo-like sounds, these innovative musicians have taken something old and made it new again. Through online forums such as 8bitcollective, 8-bit artists from across the universe have displayed their talent at painstakingly transcribing popular songs into glitchy, delightfully campy digital snippets. Radiohead, Nirvana, and even Lady Gaga have gotten the 8-bit treatment (to widely varying success, of course).

So after the jump, we dredged up five great 8-bit hits and Mp3 downloads for your analog ears.

If you have some 8-bit favorites, or some compositions of your own, please leave us a note in the comments section. Thanks.

Kind of Bloop, a Miles Davis tribute album curated by Andy Baio.

This album is a compilation of different 8-bit artists taking on the challenge of digitizing Davis. Baio pulled together the royalty fees for this album through a microdonation site. If you like 8-bit jazz, check out AstOr's short cover of “Giant Steps,” by John Coltrane.

Midi Metal by YouTube userxTwilightxxPrincessx

Make sure to check out the excellent cover of Meshuggah's “Future Breed Machine,” and Necrophagist's “Stabwound” is pretty phenomenal. It is a strange paradox that the musicianship of metal becomes so much more apparent when the distortion, vocals, and, ultimately, the musicians, are stripped away. When a machine takes their place, only then does it become more apparent the musicianship of the original (human) composers.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Uoki-Toki

Uoki-Toki Smells Like Teen Spirit (Game Boy Remix) by Drewtewksbury

This isn't quite faithful to the original, but it rocks digi-style. Please someone remix this. But don't get all Timbaland about it

Muse covers by YouTube user Florio003

Looks like Florio003 has a bit of a Muse obsession. The cover of “Hysteria” is pretty great too. Download it here.

Radiohead covers by Youtube user mnrmner

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