In the past 24 hours, America has taken notice of the latest Carlton Draught (that's draft in Australianese) commercial, calling it the “best beer commercial of 2012” and other flattering things. And while the new commercial, which features a carless car chase, is pretty awesome, it is the mere tail end of a long and illustrious history of terrific Australian beer commercials (I know this because I'm from Australia, and also because I like to waste time looking at dumb things on the internet).

So for the sake of dumbness, long weekends, Fridays, beer and Australia, here are the top 5 best Australian beer commercials of all time. (You may notice that all but one of these ads are for Carlton Draught. They must have the best ad agency of all time.)

5. “Beer Chase:” The latest but not greatest. Bank robbers, cops, beer, and a subtle message against drunk driving. Win.

4. “No Explanations:”

This was the original in the brilliant Carlton Draught “Made From Beer” campaign. A takedown of all self-aggrandizing beer commercials that came before it.

3. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Victoria Bitter:

One of the world's great symphony orchestras puts down their instruments and picks up beer bottles.

2. “Flashbeer:”

One man, his dream, his dance. What a feeling.

1. “Big Ad:”

I believe this to be the best beer ad of all time. For its scale, its ambition, and its straightforward message. Awesome.

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