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*The 10 Dumbest L.A. Criminals in 2012 (Slideshow).

The L.A. area has no shortage of intelligence-challenged suspects, but 2012 was a banner year for our annual look at our fave dumbest criminals.

From the L.A. city employee who claimed he was laid-up while engaging in pro athletics to the sheriff's deputy who took a drug filled lunch to work to the pot-filled plane that crossed the wrong government official in mid-air, we have it all.


5. Boner pills. You try to bring an erectile dysfunction drug through customs at LAX after arriving from Korea? Nice try, limpster. Customs officials say they nabbed the 40-year-old suspect and his powdered tadalafil, the main ingredient in Cialis, in January. They said there was 63 pounds, or $180,000 worth of the stuff, stuffed in socks in the guy's luggage. He told authorities in was a Chinese herb. Yeah, an ancient Chinese remedy for horny old men.

Credit: Javier Cabral

Credit: Javier Cabral

4. The burrito cop. If your job is to enforce and uphold the law, you better observe the rules yourself, no? Authorities say 27-year-old sheriff's Deputy Henry Marin was caught coming to his job as a county jail guard with a heroin-filled burrito on his person. Marin happened to have appeared on the reality TV show The Academy. He got two years behind bars and, it would seem, life without a badge.

3. MMA disability. So, um, you're an L.A. city firefighter who claims disability because you're physically unable to work yet you're actively fighting in professional mixed-martial-arts bouts? You're 'bout to get caught. That was the case for ex-L.A. Fire Department employee Rafael Davis, who pleaded guilty after the District Attorney's office found evidence of his physical prowess. K.O.

4. Flying high. We realize that, among some of you badasses out there, there is no fear of the LAPD and other local cops. You're too hard to be bothered by mere 9 mm guns and SWAT teams. But the U.S. Secret Service should make you pause. The guy piloting a Cessna in the skies above SoCal in February failed to yield to FAA warnings to stay out of President Obama's airspace. That's bad enough, but after the plane was forced to land, authorities say they found 10 kilos of marijuana on-board. Bummer.

Credit: LL Cool J / Facebook

Credit: LL Cool J / Facebook

5. Mama said knock you out. The hills above Studio City are rife with wealthy estates and jewel-filled homes, we'd expect. But there's plenty of private security. And be careful which house you choose, criminals. Oh no, not that one: A burglary suspect allegedly entered the home of one LL Cool J in August only to be knocked the f—- out and subsequently hospitalized. Only in L.A?

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