Earlier this week, our news blog The Informer reported on ​the Robbins Brothers jewelry store Facebook campaign that lets people use Facebook to post rather bland messages of love to an electronic billboard over the westbound 91 freeway in Corona. It's not known as the most happening part of town, but apparently that freeway is always jammed, so the eight-second long billboard messages will get a good share a viewers.

Of course, the messages, submitted through the store's “Share The Love” page on Facebook are moderated, but how carefully? Can double entendres and naughty imagery slip through the cracks?

Channeling our inner 12-year-old, we submitted a few test messages to see if they'd make it on the billboard:

5. Oral pleasure

4. Golden showers

3. Donut bumping

2. You shook me

1. Rosie Palm

Not surprisingly, the messages from Frehley P. and Phyllishi O. didn't make the cut and were culled under the watchful eyes of Robbins Brothers' puritanical gatekeepers. But we did hit pay dirt with the thinly veiled reference to fisting penned by Rosie P., the love vibrations from Vybrat R., and the ode to Sapphic love sent by Les B. to Ann.

Here's what you get when you're successful:

Snicker. Titter.

Feeling similarly inspired? “Like” the “Share The Love” page on Facebook and send your own messages of love or fisting for the enjoyment of all those poor suckers stuck in traffic out in Corona.

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