With Negroni Week in Los Angeles fully underway, it seemed only natural that the participating bars might be in a charitable mood — especially since part of their drink proceeds are donated to charity. And so, in that same spirit of giving, a number of the bartenders involved opened up their files and given us the recipes for their cocktails. Also, along with the group listed in our Negroni Week story, The Parish and Sotto have joined the effort. The Parish will be serving a classic negroni all week, while Sotto, donating to GettLove, is offering a version called La Camorra.

There's a theme that runs through these drinks, from the salty simplicity of the Spare Room's maritime negroni to the rhubarb-laced negroni sour at Goldie's. All of them rely heavily on the negroni's classic Campari base as a jumping off point for cocktails that embrace the original's essential bitterness, but also add a new level of sweet piquancy. Any way you choose to stir it, with these selections, you will have a complex cocktail that's always in fashion.

5. The Maritime Negroni

From: Beverage Manager Naomi Schimek, The Spare Room

Note: Bartenders often turn to salt when it comes to riffing on the negroni as it plays off the bittersweet quality to great effect. Do what you can to get Maldon, as Schimek suggests; you can tell the difference in purity of flavor.

1 ½ parts Beefeater gin

1 part Campari

1 part sweet vermouth

1. Stir with ice and serve on the rocks.

2. Garnish with mist of Islay Scotch, and a few sea salt flakes, preferably Maldon.

4. The Negroni di Nero

From: Bar Manager/Spirits Curator Dino Balocchi, Littlefork

Note: The tongue twister that is Cocchi Barolo Chinato (key-knot-o) gets its potent flavor from quinine bark, rhubarb, gentian, and various spices.

1 ¼ parts Letherbee gin

1 part Cocchi Barolo Chinato

¾ part Bitter Truth EXR

orange peel

1. Stir with ice, then strain into coupe glass.

2. Take orange peel, express (lightly twist until it “squirts”) oil in skin over the top of the cocktail glass. Discard orange peel.

3. The Negroni Sour

From: Bar Manager Brittini Rae, Goldie's

Note: With regard to the non-traditional approach she has taken, Rae notes, “The combo of rhubarb and bitters are replacing the sweet vermouth. I know it's a stretch on a traditional negroni, but it has a very similar flavor profile and uses fresh ingredients.”

1 1/2 parts Aviation gin

1 part Campari

3/4 part rhubarb syrup

3/4 part lemon

4 drops Hellfire bitters

1. Shake with ice, then strain into Collins glass.

2. Top with soda.

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A Red Bellied Sapsucker at 320 Main; Credit: Jason Schiffer

A Red Bellied Sapsucker at 320 Main; Credit: Jason Schiffer

2. The Red Bellied Sapsucker

From: Jason Schiffer, 320 Main

1 part Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy

1 part Campari

1 part Carpano Antica

1 part Old Fashioned bitters

1. Stir with ice, then strain into coupe glass.

2. Float 1 teaspoon of Ardbeg Islay Scotch Whisky on top.

3. Garnish with orange twist.

1. Spiked Summer Sbagliato

From: General Manager Daniel Warrilow, Son of a Gun

Note: Per Warrilow's instructions, to make peach infused Floc de Gascogne (Warrilow uses Chateau de Laubade available at K & L Wines): “For one bottle (750ml) of Floc, use three fresh farmers market peaches. Muddle the peaches to release the juices. Combine the Floc and the peaches in a sealable container and refrigerate overnight, then strain for use. Keeping the liquid cool while infusing and storing will extend the shelf life by slowing oxidation. If you don't have fresh peaches to infuse the Floc de Gascogne, you may use Fee Brothers Peach Bitters before stirring.”

½ part Aviation gin

¾ part Suze

¾ part peach-infused white Floc de Gascogne

1 ½ parts Prosecco

1. Combine all ingredients with ice, except Prosecco. Stir for 30 seconds.

2. Strain into chilled coupe glass.

3. Top with Prosecco.

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