Tacolandia is one of the most glorious days of the year — it's like Christmas, but instead of toys, you get tacos. It's what every Angeleno wants! The price of entry for the L.A. Weekly event on June 17 (buy your tickets here) includes samples from all 120 vendors, and you'll want to try as many as possible, of course. But to help plan your eating route, we've put together a list of five taco vendors you'll want to make note of, be they historically important or just making a rare L.A. stop.

And if you want a break on Saturday from tacos, be sure to hit up Dogos Sonora Style for, you guessed it, Sonoran-style hot dogs, and Chef Turok for Brian Menendez's mascarpone cheesecakes.

This restaurant has had an incredible first year in Los Angeles, winning over the hearts and tastebuds of the whole city with its Sonoran food — a genre of Mexican food that L.A. is going ever more crazy for. (And it's perfect for summer.)

Javier Plascencia
Chef Javier Plascencia is a huge proponent of Baja-style food, creating high-end restaurant concepts in Mexico that are sometimes thoroughly traditional, sometimes modern, like Khao San, his Thai-Tijuana street-food fusion idea. Plascencia's been an intermittent presence at Tacolandia, but he's back for 2017 after a two-year absence. He's just written a cookbook, so no doubt he's looking to be memorable.

Barrio Cafe
We've got a visitor! Silvana Esparza, from Phoenix's Barrio Cafe and other restaurants, does not serve tacos at her latest venture. But we think she will here — whether her Mexican-American food comes in a tortilla or not, it's going to be delicious.

Cielito Lindo
This little restaurant's taquitos with avocado sauce are legendary — both because they taste good and because of the stall's importance in L.A. food history. It's been operating on Olvera Street since 1934, just down the way from the historic plaza where Tacolandia is held this year. (For more context, check out this history of Olvera Street.)

Taco Mell
South L.A.'s Taco Mell (“home of the three-meat burrito”) will be at Tacolandia representing our city's African-American, Mexican-inspired street-food culture. It's everything that's great about Los Angeles. With steak and shrimp.

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