Oh what fun it is to ride in an open-top '63 Impala, you say?

Yes, the holidays are here, L.A. style. Your out-of-town relatives are going to want to see what our relatively warm and wonderful city has to offer. And, thanks to real estate site Redfin's annual list of “Best Neighborhoods to See Holiday Lights,” we have your guide.

Raise up the lowrider so grandma can get in, and take her for a cruise:

5. Pasadena. Our neighbors to the north boast of Upper Hastings Ranch west of Michillinda Avenue, north of Sierra Madre Boulevard. There you'll find blocks of ranch-style homes with all the holiday eye candy you need.

Credit: christmastreelane.net

Credit: christmastreelane.net

4. Altadena. The 'Denas are rocking hard this season. Altadena has the aptly named “Christmas Tree Lane” on Santa Rosa Avenue between Woodbury Avenue and Altadena Drive. It claims to be the oldest neighborhood-wide display of holiday lights, including a mile of lit-up pine trees, in the United States.

3. Burbank. The home of NBC's West Coast TV studios puts on a different kind of Tonight Show this week with “Norton's Winter Wonderland” at 513 N. Florence St. This one-home show features a “North Pole express train” and a merry-go-round. Another home, with a “Winter Snowland” theme, is nearby at 529 N. Florence St.

2. Torrance. The South Bay represents with tens of thousands of Christmas lights at the “Sleepy Hollow Christmas Light Extravaganza” on Robert Road. Park on Pacific Coast Highway, Calle Mayor or Prospect Avenue and walk.

Credit: woodlandhillsscc.net

Credit: woodlandhillsscc.net

1. Woodland Hills. You are L.A.'s holiday lights champion, our friends. Here you'll find L.A.'s own “Candy Cane Lane” at Lubao and Oxnard streets. Neighbors here have been been bringing the festive vibe since 1952.

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