A nearly $43,000 charge for alcohol and tips is being disputed in court by MTV reality show (Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County) actor Chase Johnson and his father because, the duo says, Johnson was underage and was never asked for ID when he charged the drinking session to his father's American Express card.

The establishment, Hollywood's My House, tried to get the case thrown out, but it has been allowed to go forward by the state's 2nd District court of appeals downtown. The pair is also suing Apple Restaurant & Lounge in West Hollywood for allowing the then-underage man charge about $50,000, including “exorbitant tips” on the dad's card.

Johnson, now 22, was 20 at the time he made the charges, according to the suits. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge J. Stephen Czuleger allowed the suit against My House to move forward and the club appealed to no avail so far.

It'll be interesting to watch the cases: Did the establishments have an obligation to ask the actor to show his identification. Did the fact that they allegedly served him while under age bolster the case that they didn't care who he was, or how old he was, or whose card he was using, as long as the bill got paid?

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