Ah, 420, the stoner's holiday, especially here in Southern California.

Time to roll one, kick back, and blow doughnuts.

It also brings us the annual 420 Festival, a rave that this weekend finds its home near Irvine Lake in Orange County.

Fair enough, except the Debbie Downers at Narconon are dissing the Saturday party.

Here's part of the statement the group released this week:

Starting about four years ago, 420 has taken on a different meaning as enterprising music promotion companies began parlaying modest 420 gatherings lasting a few minutes into massive Rave music festivals lasting from dusk to dawn, attended by 10,000 plus ravers. Another change, the drug involved was no longer cannabis; it was ecstasy – far more lucrative, far more tenacious and far, far more devastating in its effects.

True that. But still, there will be plenty of weed-smoking ravers at the event, and we mean that in the best possible way.

Narconon drug-prevention specialist Bobby Wiggins says:

The problem ecstasy presents is unpredictable overdose on a drug that is used by dealers to lure the unwary into addiction to even harder substances.

Ah, the gateway drug. From energy drinks to alcohol to weed to ecstasy to … antidepressants?

But seriously, we admire the 420 fest for at least having the balls to be upfront about its, er, cultural inspiration. Not like those events at the L.A. Coliseum and Sports Arena that claim to be just another concert while hundreds of young people end up in the hospitals for ecstasy overdoses.

So enjoy. It's practically legal. Just don't end up hooked on Wellbutrin.

LA Weekly