It appears to us that nearly half the online dating  profiles out there express affinity for long walks on the beach. The other half seem to say, “420 friendly,” at least in L.A.

Los Angeles marijuana entrepreneur Miguel Lozano noticed that too, and this year he launched cannabis dating site with partner Jay Lindberg.

Lozano, a clothier who helped to organize the Bong Olympics way back when and who plans a 20-year anniversary of that event soon, says his was the world's first pot dating platform.


He says it's also the most prominent. A Google search seems to prove that: It comes out on top.

The lifestyle dating platform launched in spring, and Lozano and company are now working on its first major marketing campaign, which will include billboards in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento.

Engineers for my420mate are also working on a version two of the site and app that will likely roll out in December, he said.

So far there are only 11,000 users, but the founder said it's adding about 100 new people each day. The geography of ganja love is global, but Lozano admits that, so far, most of the profiles on his site are for people from marijuana-legal states like California, Colorado and Washington.

In any case, it's a genius idea.



“I was trying to change the stereotype of the average cannabis user,” Lozano says. “Everyone uses the word stoner, but it's a lifestyle. There's a lot more to it than that. We have teachers, chefs, and computer techs who enjoy the benefits of marijuana.”

And nothing brings people together like weed. Marijuana is a bonding agent. We're not sure that would have the same allure.

While other dating sites boast about their match-making algorithms, my420mate has a built-in filter. You're either in or out. Cannabis users are a breed whose members see eye-to-eye. They speak the unspoken language of laid back.

“With eHarmony I could go on a couple dates, but there might be an issue with the fact I smoke cannabis,” Lozano said. “My420mate breaks the ice for people. There are so many people who use cannabis in their daily lives and it's a part of their life.” co-hosts “Kushtown Tuesdays” for its singles crowd from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. It's $12 for those 21-and-older, but those who show their my420mate app at the door get half price.

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