While some dudes love it when women wear some of the kinkiest garb out there (think: lingerie, collars and corsets) others are just as turned on by simple and easy articles of clothing. What she might call casual, he might deem sexy as hell, and we're here to clue you ladies in.

Get ready to rock his socks! (Literally!)

His Boxers: There's just something so sexy about a girl wearing her guy's boxers. They hang off of hips in a suggestive way and can look cute despite what may or may not have gown down in those shorts earlier that day. No matter how you cut, it's definitely an unorthodox winner.

Flannel PJs: On the surface this may not seem like such a turn-on. Who would want to see a chick fully covered in warm fabric? Alas, you're not thinking ahead. It's the strip tease that comes along with removing these flannel bits that makes them so sexy. Everyone loves a slow strip, and the more layers there are to peel off, the more likely the dude is to get deep in the mood.

Button-down Shirt: You've seen this in the movies but believe it or not, a classic button-down shirt is a quick way to get a dude going. Why? Perhaps it's the whole strip tease thing, or maybe it's because he's wondering what's going on underneath that shirt, but either way, wearing your man's dress shirt is a quick way to send the bat-signal that you're in the mood for some sexy time.

Nothing: Duh. While wearing nothing may take the fun out of the game, there's nothing wrong with getting down and direct to the point!

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