Fans love knowing all about their fave celeb’s life! That said, it’s almost as though it’s human nature to be invested in famous people’s relationships. While there hasn’t been a study on why we’re so into watching their romance unfold, our best guess is it’s because celebrity relationships are akin to a fairy tale or rom-com film — because most of the time, these gorgeous people look like they came straight out of a Disney film! That’s why when celebrity breakups are reported, even our hearts break a little inside.

Here are some celeb couples who most people thought were each other’s perfect match — but sadly, weren’t.

Celebrity Breakups That Happened This Year so Far

1. Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski

Pete Davidson has been in a handful of high-profile relationships over the years. And a few months ago, he was spotted being romantic with Emily Ratajkowski. However, just after 2 months of dating, Mr. BDE of SNL — whom Kim Kardashian was DTF with — and the model/actress called it quits. These days, there are still other women that Pete Davidson is rumored to be dating — but he’s yet to confirm any of them. As for Emily Ratajkowski, she dated Eric André. However, she also called it quits with the other comedian just recently.

2. Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun

Why do they have to go and make things so complicated? Our favorite pop punk Canadian songstress and Minnesota rapper, Mod Sun recently broke off their (almost 1 year) engagement. Fans were quick to ship the duo back in 2020 when they were working together on Avril Lavigne’s album called Love Sux — it kind of does, a little; now that they’re no longer together!

3. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

We wish we could give you a quick rundown. But you already know by now that almost every day, new Kar-Jenner happenings are reported; at this point, nobody can deny that keeping up with the family is indeed difficult! But the youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner (who’s now a mother of 2) recently parted ways with her long-time — yet on-and-off — beau, Astroworld rapper, Travis Scott.

4. Maddie Ziegler and Eddie Benjamin

One kid that the US (and myriad people from around the world) watched grow up is Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler. So it’s pretty much second nature to watch this “tiny dancer” turn into a young lady — and what else is second nature to growing up? Dating! But sometimes (and most of the time), dating someone goes hand-in-hand with eventually breaking up with them — that’s just how life seems to be! When Abby Lee-Miller’s “favorite” ended her 3-year relationship with singer-songwriter Eddie Benjamin, fans’ hearts sank. Thankfully, both seem to be doing just fine!

Thank U, Next

Even some of our favorite Hollywood couples aren’t strangers to heartbreaks and breakups. Some of these famous people’s relationships may seem picture-perfect, but the thing is, celebrity breakups happen often! — so don’t be sad! Your favorite celeb will eventually find the one for them! And so will you — if this topic gives you the big sad!

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