As cannabis use becomes a more accepted and normalized part of culture, and more businesses and brands seek to provide products for varied tastes, it’s the consumer who benefits. There are so many choices now! The high holiday of four-twenty is a great time to celebrate and try something new. Here are eight (4×2!) brands to check out for 4/20 2022. 

(Courtesy Raw Garden)

Raw Garden’s Infused Joints

Raw Garden is best known for its cannabis extracts, which use single source organic processes to make their popular terpenes and oils with flavors like Lime Mojito and Blueberry Punch. With over 800 strains, their seed library and breeding program continues to expand, and that growth has inspired the company (based out of Santa Barbara) to expand its product output as well. R.G.’s new Infused Cannabis Joints, with micronized refined live resin crushed diamonds, combines high-quality flower and concentrate for a smooth smoking experience. Grown and handmade in-house, the brand boasts 100% pure cannabis pre-rolls with no trim or additives and a “trade-secret post harvest and drying process” made in small lots. The company, which was founded in 2015, also launched a series of gatherings called the Raw Garden Social Club, to educate smokers and dabbers alike about the nuances of its products, much like sommeliers compare and contrast fine wines.

(Courtesy Perfect)

Perfect’s Sexpot 

If good sex is about letting yourself go, then Perfect’s new Sexpot joints aim to capture that liberated and lusty good feeling. Co-founder Michael Backes (known for the book “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana”) brings his knowledge of the tempering effects of THC to create the brand’s latest product, co-mingling potent cannabinoids and rich terpenes to offset unpleasant effects like paranoia or self-consciousness – the last thing you want to feel when you’re getting frisky. As Backes states in PR for the new smokables (available in a mini pre-roll three-pack and 3g jar of loose blended flower with a small-dose micropipe): they’re formulated for sensuality, not sloppiness. Their rare blend of flowers tames the THC effect – so your high maintains clarity and control, but still allows for blissful escape.

(Courtesy Select)

Select X Bites

Casual cannabis users might not understand the science behind how THC works – especially when it comes to edibles and how they are digested – so it’s often more about taste and how much it takes to achieve a desired mental effect. Select’s new X Bites tout absorption and delivery of THC molecules via a “proprietary encapsulation technology,” but all we know from nibbling a few that they are mighty tasty and that just one 10mg gummy makes for a very good mood, the kind that makes you want to blast the stereo and do something productive, like clean the house or make some art. The candy flavored chewables (which come in three flavors: Strawberry Spacewalk, Orange Matter and Rainbow Upload) are touted as mimicking the body’s “natural lipid barrier,” which optimizes absorption in a sort of time-released way that lasts but never overpowers. More intergalactic-themed flavors are on the way, too. selectcannabiscom/xbites

(Courtesy Miss Grass)

Miss Grass

Touting itself as “weed for the times,” the female-led cannabis company known as Miss Grass clearly recognizes the cultural expression that cannabis products can harness in marketing, especially to women. The brand underwent a full-scale rebrand recently with updated packaging, logos and color-coded jars, as well as “doob tubes,” boxes and sachets to signify each strain’s targeted effect. From “Fast Times” (an orange Sativa dominant strain designed for play) to “Quiet Times” (a blue indica dominant strain for an anchoring feel) the brand aims for a user-friendly experience that both heavy users and lighter ones can get into, allowing customers to tailor their purchases to their mood, whether that be wild party vibin,’ chilled-out relaxation or creative inspiration. Adding to their popular Miss Grass Minis, flower eights and half-ounce products, Miss Grass’ new line launch includes “Slims” (tubes with two .5g pre-rolls) and Sparks (pocket-sized sachets with two .3g pre-rolls). The rebrand also is driven by equity and equality. In March they gave one dollar from every flower and mini purchase to the Women’s Prison Association, which helps females impacted by incarceration.

(Courtesy Paramount Pictures)

The Cannabis And Movies Club

L.A. has a lot of outdoor movie events but only The Cannabis and Movies Club promotes the joys of smoking, toking and screening great films as a complimentary activity. Held on Sundays at the Historic Montalban Theater’s rooftop, the Hollywood hang also offers music, fun activities, food vendors (often local restaurants and chefs), industry sponsors, and even cannabis delivery. Sure you can probably sneak a joint or vape into other film events, but this one not only allows consumption, they encourage it since it takes place on the roof outdoors. The event promotes a loose party vibe and connects with the cannabis community in a relatively intimate way -– it seats 200 people. Expect screenings of stoner films (and classic films that are fun to watch while high). For 4-20, it’s Cheech & Chong: Up In Smoke. See full schedule at

(Cheech & Chongs Takeout logo)

Cheech & Chong’s Takeout

Speaking of Cheech & Chong, it’s been over four decades since the dynamic, doobie-lovin’ duo got together and they are still smokin’ hotter than ever. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong remain the kings of cannabis culture, thanks to their now-classic comedies centered around marijuana-driven misadventure. The pair’s chemistry remains a big part of their success, too, so continuing to highlight their legacy with new business endeavors is a no-brainer. Their latest, Cheech & Chong’s Takeout, sees the pair getting into the boomin’ home delivery business, selling both actor’s brands (Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Cheech’s Stash) and a whole lot more. Since it just launched, the pair have a mind-blowing promo to build up excitement for the new biz. Ahead of 4/20, a few lucky customers in the L.A. County Area who ordered from 4/1 up til the high holiday, will be selected to personally receive deliveries from the duo themselves in the iconic decked-out car from their films, aka “the Love Machine,” with a special curated dropoff of goodies. On a recent Zoom call with Chong, he told us he’s excited to “revert back to the ‘Up in Smoke’ characters” for the promo. “We’re gonna show up at the winner’s door, in character with the lowrider!” he promised. “We did research and we found a guy who’s a big fan that re-constructed the love machine from top to bottom. It’s way better than the one we used in the movie. But it’s identical.” (See our new interview with Tommy Chong on, posting on 4/20)

Jeeter Apparel

Jeeter isn’t just the top pre-rolled cannabis brand in California, it also represents lifestyle in a lot of ways. So an apparel line was bound to happen sooner or later. The new capsule collections offer a clever array of fashionable designs on T-shirts and jackets. “The Varsity Capsule,” designed to celebrate the brand’s collab with former NFL player/activist Ricky Williams, offers university-inspired looks seeped in ‘90s nostalgia. “The Vintage Collection” features parodies on concert tees and popular rock n’ roll logos. And “The Classic Collection” has clean black and white aesthetics. Jeeter, by the way, also is known for harnessing attention in the lifestyle market with activations and amusements like Life in Color EDM festival and day glow parties with big name DJs and immersive vibes.

(Courtesy On This Day)

OTD (On This Day)

The new clothing and lifestyle brand from iconic fashion designer John Varvatos has just opened a new store in New York, and he is about to open a huge new flagship store on the Sunset Strip as well. The stores will mark a whole new direction for his aesthetic, featuring luxurious unisex and women’s clothing. (Look for our full interview with the legendary Varvatos here soon). While his previous brand was inspired by classic rock n’ roll, his new brand is about pop culture of all kinds, and cannabis is part of it. His ‘NY Loves Weed’ and ‘LA Loves Weed’ short sleeve sweatshirts embroidered with pot leaf designs on lightweight French terry are the perfect 4/20 gift for the pot lover in your life – or for yourself.


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