3rB, the Middle East’s First Esports Team, Shares Their Secret to Success

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Esports has been a consistently booming industry over the last decade for all the right reasons. Besides offering an incredible gaming experience from the comfort of the home, these multiplayer video games have been extremely thrilling for both gamers and spectators alike. 3rB, an esports team, is a renowned name in this space in the Middle East. Being the first and the only esports team in the Middle East Which was established in 2007 and has faced global challenges, 3rB initially shot to fame by creating exciting sniping montages.

3rB was founded in 2007 by Hamad Saleh. At that time, the esports industry was still in its infancy, but the team noticed the potential of this gaming space and never missed a single opportunity to carve a niche in sniping montages. The first milestone for 3rB was the win in Call of Duty: Elite in 2011 when Call of Duty was launched. Since then, 3rB has been on a winning spree in these tournaments until it was shut down in 2014. With Call of Duty, 3rB has been world champions in esports several times.

As the esports team started gaining traction, Hamad Saleh thought of expanding through social media. In 2012, he created a YouTube channel uploading the first sniping montage in the Middle East. The clan eventually became the first and only one in the Middle East to enter a contract with Machinima in 2012. 3rB continued working with Machinima until the platform was later shut down.

Since 2016, there has been a dearth of esports tournaments in the Middle East, which forced 3rB to divert its focus from gaming championships to montages. The esports clan gained positive recognition with sniping montages on YouTube, earning thousands of views on every video. During this time, the clan made collaborative montages with popular esports teams like FaZe Clan aand FaZe Mike who started to edit montages for there team. 3rB continued to storm the gaming scene on social media until Call of Duty made a comeback with the Call of Duty mobile tournament. Since 2020, 3rB has been a part of this renowned Call of Duty franchise, making a mark in all its major championships.

In 2020 and 2021, 3rB secured the second position at the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. In 2022, the esports clan achieved another milestone in its journey. It was officially licensed by the Saudi Federation for Electronic Sports under the International Federation of Electronic Sports, and 3rB became a registered esports team in the Middle East. Teamwork has been the driving force for 3rB, taking the esports team to new heights.

Reaching the top as the first esports in the Middle East was challenging for 3rB. Striving constantly to make a mark in this increasingly competitive esports space has helped 3rB evolve as an esports team. It has been a journey of conflict, compromise, and resolution for the team that worked relentlessly to enhance their gaming skills and offer an incredible gaming experience.

Founder Hamad Saleh has been passionately guiding 3rB all these years. He hopes to make the esports clan a world-renowned name in the esports industry by being the best in the field. The team will continue to scale up with an incessant gaming spirit in the coming years also, winning more world championships along the way.

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