N'ice Cream: Ice Cream Scoops

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's pretty much what goes into the genteel flavors at N'ice Cream, a local shop with three westside outlets: one on Abbot Kinney, another on Ocean Front Walk and a third in the recently opened in L.A.'s Ferry Building imitation, Santa Monica Marketplace.

N'ice Cream: Assorted Ice Cream Flavors

Made fresh daily at each location, the flavors are pleasant. They don't announce their presence nor do they grab you by the throat and demand to be eaten. N'ice's ice cream is, well, nice.

It's the ultra melty, sticky stuff. The kind that blurs the line between high-end ice cream and gelato. The kind that's already oozing down the side of the cup before you finish paying for it.

N'ice Cream: Interior

N'ice doesn't go for wackadoodle flavors. Their choices are tame, sweet and family-friendly. One of our favorites is fruit punch, a sorbet-like blend of watermelon and pineapple, which is what Fruit Punch always ought to be. We're also fans of the torrone rustego, a honey almond nougat swirled with chocolate hazelnut. That's wacky enough for us.

N'ice Cream: Exterior


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