You have a straw. GO Burger has a milkshake. You take your straw and drink their milkshake. You drink it up.

Then, as you savor it all the way to your car, you realize you may be tipsy. The frothy, cool milkshake you so greedily sucked down, like Daniel Plainview draining wealth from beneath the earth's mantle, was fortified with Herradura Silver tequila. Not that you'd notice, masked as it was by chocolate syrup and a hit of cayenne that's still setting up camp at the back of your throat. It's not three martinis at Taylor's or a nip from the bottle of Belvedere in the bottom drawer of your desk, but the alcoholic milkshakes at GO Burger may be Hollywood's ultimate liquid lunch.

GO Burger: Aztec Mocha Milkshake

Their burgers are big and heavy, a bit spendy and sometimes overloaded with competing concepts, but GO Burger's “adult” milkshakes and ice cream floats are where it's at. At $11 per shake, they nearly double the price of your meal, so split a burger with a pal and order your own milkshake.

GO Burger: Menu

Between the 10 milkshakes and ice cream floats, it's easy to get distracted by all the variety at GO Burger. Sparkling wine and lime sorbet? Oreo cookies and Kahlua? Everything sounds intriguing, but as go the burgers, so go the shakes. That means the less exotic they sound, the better they taste.

Grandma's Treat, with its simple combo of vanilla ice cream, caramel and bourbon, is the best among GO Burger's five milkshakes. The aforementioned Aztec Mocha, with just enough cayenne sprinkled in to round out the coffee-chocolate combo, is a close second. Do they match the pure intensity of the frothy, malty chocolate bomb that is the McMenamins Terminator shake? No, but we're in Los Angeles, not Troutdale, Oregon, where it rains 152 days per year.

Among the floats, the same maxim holds true: keep it simple. The Dark & Frozen just makes us crave a Dark & Stormy, and the South of the Border, with tequila, lime sorbet and sparkling wine, is simultaneously sour, girlie and boring, like something served at a particularly frou-frou sorority brunch. But the Double Barrel, an old fashioned root beer float improved with Virgil's root beer and Elijah Craig bourbon, is perfection.

Fun Fact: GO Burger is, so far, the only eatery to make it into 30 Burgers in 30 Days AND 30 Scoops in 30 Days.


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