An incredible journey of fortitude, discovery, willpower and weight gain, 30 Sandwiches in 30 Days is officially over. But is a journey like that every really over? In both the metaphorical and literal sense: no.

We had such a long list of sandwiches, many of them culled from suggestions sent in by readers (thank you!), we didn't get halfway through the list. We didn't have time to seek out as many far-flung locales as we would have liked or to delve into certain more obscure species of the sandwich. Hell, we didn't even do a single BLT because tomatoes are out of season. That's why we are pleased to announce that beginning in January 2012, we'll be featuring one sandwich per week as an extension of the 30 Days concept. We have only one stomach to give for this cause, but we will gladly give it.

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