After you've read our YouTube issue on the secrets to online video stardom, check out 30 other ways to succeed on YouTube:

1. Be a kid.

2. Be a kid, come home from the dentist stoned on drugs.

3. Be a kid, kick your dad in the balls.

4. Be a kid, get finger bitten by baby brother.

5. Be a kid, love cupcakes.

6. Be a kid, love ripping paper in half.

7. Be a baby panda, sneeze.

8. Be a middle-aged woman, sing very, very well in a talent show.

9. Be a cat.

10. Be a sleepy cat.

11. Be an angry cat.

12. Be a surprised cat.

13. Be a talking cat.

14. Be a wet cat.

15. Be a fat cat.

16. Be a fat Japanese cat, jump into boxes.

17. Be a cat, play the keyboard.

18. Be a cat made out of a Pop-Tart and rainbows, sing “nyan nyan”

until the end of time.

19. Be a chipmunk, be dramatic.

20. Be an otter, hold hands with another otter.

21. Be a dog, talk.

22. Be a baby, talk.

23. Be a cute girl.

24. Be a cute girl, sing about Fridays.

25. Be a cute Japanese girl, spray yourself with soda.

26. Be a cute fake-Japanese girl, stare unblinking into camera.

27. Be a bro.

28. Be a bro, ask to not be tased.

29. Be a bro, make a video about Uganda.

30. Be Justin Bieber.

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