This may or may not be old news, but you know how açaí berries are finding their way into all the juice, granola bars and weight loss scams these days?

Well the dildos are getting into our bath soap!

Sort of.

Sex toys, lubes, enemas and other more intimate “adult” items have been quietly available on for years now, once hidden in the site under a Sexual Wellness category within the Health & Personal Care department.

Finding those pink rabbits and pearlized silicone butt plugs isn't so hard anymore and Sexual Wellness now stands tall within the health section without an excessive search. And has followed suit with a sex product tab that features all kinds of kinky bits and pieces.

Adult products, though a huge seller according to several manufacturers I've spoken with closely, are still these sites' red-headed step children. They're just allowed to leave their rooms during daylight now.

Most recently a colleague whose wife is expecting told me about a website that all his young parent friends use to get quick, cheap and large amounts of household items necessary to maintain a clean household and quiet children. Laundry detergent, baby formula, bleach. You get the idea.

“And the best part?” he said. “They sell butt toys.”

Uh, what?

At, they know your time is precious.

At, they know your time is precious.

So I perused and found an intimate product section of the site similar to those of its larger Internet counterparts and found they don't waste any time – Sexual Wellness has its own tab at the top of the page. Right next to Diet & Fitness. (Yeah, we get the hint.)

Dildos and vibrators have become the accoutrement to a complete go-to-shop. Finally!

Really, Amazon? Fetish and bondage gear? How 21st century of you!

Really, Amazon? Fetish and bondage gear? How 21st century of you!

So while you're picking up an 18-pack of quilted toilet paper, an econo box of diapers and a Swiffer, why not grab a flogger or two – yep, they've got fetish gear on there – and maybe another vibrator.

They're like potato chips. You can never have just one.

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