Around the internet and deep in the plumbing of nerd-culture, fans (and your humble correspondent) are rejoicing today as the Scooby-gang’s very own Velma Dinkley will have a lesbian love interest in the next Scooby-Doo movie, reports Variety.

“Oh, Jinkies!” was the exclamation heard echoing near cute bookshops and parent’s basements across the globe.

Velma’s sexual preferences, and yes, her general sexuality have long been a subject of intrigue and anticipation, making Velma a true icon and the breakout Scooby-star of the 21st Century.

Admirers, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, have speculated she’s a lesbian while others just can’t help but fall in love with a hot, freckly, sarcastic nerd.

Here’s some facts about our favorite ghost-hunter-cum-scam-investigator:

Although Scooby writers have wanted her out of the closet, Velma hasn’t been portrayed as a lesbian, until now

The desires of fans are one thing, but checking the tape, all of Velma’s romantic interests up until this point have been with males.

According to the wiki “Scoobypedia” Velma has had nine romantic interests, all with men.

But that wasn’t for a lack of trying. Writer James Gunn made Velma explicitly gay in the original scripts of 2002 live-action Scooby-Doo movie, but “the studio just kept watering it down & watering it down, becoming ambiguous (the version shot), then nothing (the released version) & finally having a boyfriend (the sequel),” according to a tweet he put out.

Times truly have changed since 2002, and Velma finally getting to be her true self is something we really love.

Velma is a cosplay icon

It’s unclear if Velma garnered sexual interest from her 1960’s debut, but we’ll venture to guess that the original Scooby watchers weren’t expecting her to turn out to be the sex symbol in a group including the Barbie-looking Daphne. 

Tired body-image standards be damned! Velma has a whole borderline-NSFW community on reddit, “VelmaCosplay,” with 17.5k members, and her cosplays have a vibrant presence in another subbredit … something called … “sweatermeat”? (Let’s continue acting like we don’t know that term.) 

Meanwhile, the “DaphneCosplay” subreddit has a measly 2.3k members. Fans and costume-wearers seem to appreciate Velma’s full figure and badass attitude. We find much to love about Daphne, but standing next to Velma, we gotta admit, she’s a bit of a yawn.

She has captured the hearts of glasses-wearers everywhere 

As anyone with +/-4 vision knows, life’s greatest fear is having your glasses comically bounce off your face, leading you to be on your hands and knees feeling around for them on the floor like a damn fool, yipping “Excuse me, please don’t take any steps, good sir! My glasses! – I dropped my glasses!”

It’s basically the only reason I’ve avoided fist-fights all my life, assuming the role of Peace Maker. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Velma knows our pain, and has felt our pain many times. She confronts this fear with great aplomb, quick to the ground, boldly proclaiming she’s searching for her glasses, rarely with a quiver in her voice.

That’s boss behavior by itself, but could you imagine you’re being haunted by a ghost then all of a sudden your freakin’ glasses get knocked off your head with a clownish “boink”? You’d be terrified, and you’d also look like a total GOOFBALL. A true double nightmare.

For this courage, if nothing else, Velma deserves the admiration of we glasses-clad everywhere.

And hey, on that topic, I just found a subreddit called “Girls with Glasses.” Finally, some representation. Let’s take a look here … 

Aaaand, it’s boobs again, who would have guessed it. Enough Reddit for me today, goodbye friends.

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