US 6,937,155
Toilet annunciator
US 5,934,226
Bird diaper
US 5,901,666
Pet display clothing
US D498,801
Cube-shaped tennis ball
US 6,351,867
Body squeegee
US 6,863,070
Magnetic condom
US 5,356,330
Apparatus for simulating a “high five”
US 4,367,461
Coffin alarm system
US 6,161,223
Pants separable at crotch for style mixing
US 5,255,452
Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion
US 5,429,507
Braille slot machine
US 5,443,036
Method of exercising a cat
US 5,971,829
Motorized ice cream cone
US 4,457,509
Levitationarium for air-flotation of humans
US 5,523,741
Santa Claus detector
US 5,571,247
Self-containing enclosure for protection from killer bees
US 5,351,436
Fly swatter with sound effects
US 5,457,821
Hat simulating a fried egg
US 5,830,035
Toe puppet
US 5,421,783
Human slingshot machine
US 4.344.424
Anti-eating face mask
US 6,929,819
Process for manufacturing a toilet-training article containing effervescent agent
US 6,755,739
Method and apparatus for identifying a winner in a bingo game
US 6,966,666
Battery-powered illuminated ice cube
US 6,949,090
Post-urination drip collector

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