Welcome to the 20th anniversary issue of the L.A. Weekly. Since we began publishing, we have put out more than a thousand issues containing millions of words, photos, ads, cartoons and illustrations. We’ve reviewed thousands of bands, movies, plays and books; taken unpopular — and even some popular — positions. We’ve seen lives and a city transformed. For a generation, we’ve been here, helping to define L.A., telling stories, offering opinions, highlighting events. We now have readers who weren’t born when we started publishing. And, thanks to those of you who’ve supported us year after year, the paper is still free.

We’ve grown over the years — from 24 pages per issue to more than 200 — and our circulation has increased from 30,000 to 220,000. But through it all, we’ve remained committed to progressive principles, both in our pages and in the community. In addition to publishing the paper each week, we have, along with our readers and advertisers, put energy and resources into improving the quality of life in Los Angeles, especially for those most in need. In the last year, we sponsored a silent auction and concert to benefit Campaign for a Landmine Free World and Peacetrees Vietnam. We co-sponsored the “Progressive L.A.” conference at Occidental College to bring together activists from around the city to explore an alternative vision for Los Angeles. Virtually everyone on our staff has volunteered repeatedly to aid the homeless, fight against AIDS or assist in local schools.

We’re determined to keep working for change, and we’re excited at the prospect. It’s thrilling to imagine the possibilities for the future if we move forward with energy and compassion. Stay with us for the journey.

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting LA Weekly and our advertisers.

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