Whether shopping for your friend with a Ferrari or looking for a grinder, we’ve got you covered

Most Prepared for Winter: Cookies’ Snowman

From San Francisco’s most famed conglomerate of rappers, growers and enthusiasts of new-age cannabis genetics, Cookie Fam, Snowman is a new flavor that’s among the best of the famed breeders’ new generation of genetics. It’s a must-buy if you can get your hands on it. A decade since the original Girl Scout Cookies rocked the cannabis word, Cookie Fam continues to deliver. Go Check out the menu at Cookies Maywood, there are plenty of great options. cookieslosangeles.com.

Snowman (Courtesy of Cookies Cannabis)

Gassiest Gas: Clout Fuel

For the elite pot authority looking for high impact cannabis, much of the time they are hunting for something that, best case scenario, will smell like some kind of industrial accident at a gas station. You’ll only find that real fuel smell among the best OGs and great Sour Diesels that are getting harder to come by. But fear not, the cultivators over at Clout King have you covered with their Clout Fuel. Expect a wild high from not only great farmers, but also meme-thought leaders. cloutkingcanna.com.


Hypest Cut of the Moment: MAC 

MAC will absolutely be one of the strains we are saturated with in the months to come following the harvest, and that’s not a bad thing. The hype levels around Miracle Alien Cookies from famed underground breeder Capulator have been building for years, and now that rocket’s taking off. MAC is now a converted member of the garden for any grower who can get their hands on it. Some of the best MAC available to adult-use consumers comes from Farmacy Phactory and Ember Valley. naturalcannabis.com/farmacy-phactory; ember-valley.com.

Most PG&E-Proof Rolling Tray: Glowtray

We haven’t seen a lot of innovation in the rolling tray arena over the years; we’ve seen fairly cumbersome attempts, but all of those times we found ourselves heading back to the stamped metal trays that have been a go-to for generations of stoners. Someone, however, has finally come to take the rolling surface space to new heights. Glowtray’s products are definitely some of the most fun accessories of the season. The backlit trays look fantastic, and even if PG&E shuts off the power you’ll be able to see while you roll up. glowtray.com.

Best Grinder for Weed Salad, Not Dust: Phoenician 

Most of the grinder market remains cheap machined metal that turns your weed to dust. Yes, this weed dust will burn fairly evenly in a bowl or bong rip, but beyond that there isn’t a lot of perks. With Phoenician’s lineup of grinders, expect more of a salad, instead of dust, that’s a pleasure to roll in a joint or blunt. Whatever you’re rolling feels sturdier in your hand as opposed to flimsy dusty joints. phoenicianengineering.com.

The Most Historically Inspired Rolling Kit: Purple Rose Supply’s Cannagar

The whole goal of the cannagar company in the first place was to give people an option besides the swindlers pushing pre-rolled blunts, sometimes filled with mediocre pot, for hundreds of bucks. But fear not! The folks at Purple Rose Supply  want you to be able to roll a crazy blunt yourself. The technique is basically the latest generation of the Thai stick, with way better pot. If you do it right, these things will burn longer than any other option. purplerosesupply.com.

Most Coveted Breakfast Nugs: Oatmeal Raisin 

In L.A.’s headiest circles, many cannabis enthusiasts have a lot of respect for the growers at Blackleaf. Judging from their recent propagation effort of Cannarado Genetics-bred Oatmeal Raisin, it’s not very hard to see why everyone is getting so excited. The Grape Pie x Girl Scout Cookies phenotype now being cultivated by Blackleaf came after they popped 40 seeds to find a winner. The final result of that process is absolutely stunning and you can easily see the selection process was a success. twitter.com/blackleafla?lang=en.

Safest Vapes: Raw Garden

In a world of sketchy vapes  with thousands injured and the death toll climbing, thank goodness for Raw Garden. When they first hit the scene they became one of California’s premier providers of affordable raw extracts to dab almost instantly. While other sauces were hitting $80 to $100 bucks, Raw Garden was selling comparable quality to most for $40. It changed the game. Now they are taking the winning mentality to vape cartridges. Many consumers now consider their cartridge lineup amongst the best in the world and, again, very safe. rawgarden.farm.

Best Recently Gone Legal Weed Party: Secret Sesh

The Secret Sesh is Los Angeles’s perennial event to survive into the age of legalization. While the weekly sesh is still as popping as ever, the mega-sesh events they’ve been holding out in Adelanto are on another level. If you’re looking to enjoy fine cannabis and network in the cannabis community with people that aren’t “Chads” growing mids, there are few better places. Keep an eye out for joints flying through the air, host Adam ill loves to toss them out. secretsesh.com.

Best Place to Grab a Bite With a Joint: Lowell Herb Co.

Lowell Herb Company may not only be the most popular place to open in West Hollywood in recent months, but possibly all of America. The idea of the cannabis lounge is nothing new and the idea of combining them with fine dining seemed like a pipe dream just a few years ago, but here we are. So grab a reservation, order a salad and ask your waiter to roll you a cannon before the food comes out. It’s true bliss. lowellfarms.com.

Moonbow (Courtesy of Alien Labs)

Collaboration of the Season: Moonbow by Alien Labs x Archive Seeds

Alien Labs and Archive Seed Bank are huge names in their own right, and their new collab Moonbow (crossing Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos) surely meets the expectations of cannabis enthusiasts around the state. Archive bred the new sensation and popped 150 seeds. From that batch, they gave the three best to Alien Labs to work with and the rest is history. The team at Alien Labs emphasized that Archive did all the hard work on this one. alienlabs.org; archiveseedbank.com.

Best New OG from an OG: Dynasty OG

Josh Del Rosso is one of the people who introduced exotic cannabis to California. He and his pals, including Matt “Bubba Kush” Berger, originally brought the cuttings back from Florida on a trip east, starting the OG Kush era in the process. More than 20 years later, Josh is still at the top of the gas game and now he’s doing it in a mixed light setting. This allows his ultra-authentic OGs to hit the market at a more reasonable price point than other OGs of similar quality. The Dynasty OG is the next installment of decades of effort to bring out the legendary strains best traits. weedadvisor.com/product/dynasty-og; joshd.com/pages/josh-d.

The One We’ve Been Waiting For: Jungle Mints 

When we reached out to the Jungle Boys in early summer and asked what special projects they had up their sleeves, their pairing of Jungle Cake and LA Kush Cake was high on their list. The Jungle Boys bred and then selected the new flavor in-house. As with all of the new most exciting genetics hitting the shelves at Toluca Lake Collective and Los Angeles Farmers, we can’t promise it will be easy to get your hands on Jungle Mints, but it will be worth it. thejungleboys.com.

Smarties (Courtesy of Connected)

Comeback Strain of the Season: Smarties 

Smarties hit the scene a while ago, but the early versions couldn’t steal the spotlight from the Connected’s other menu options like Gelonade or the Gelato #41 that reinspired Gelatomania. But this new generation of the Girl Scout x Blue City Diesel blend is on a level we hadn’t seen done to scale yet with its predecessor. Connected’s award-winning farmers are now getting the Smarties up to 28 percent THC, and it fits right in among their pack of rockstar genetics. connectedcannabisco.com.

Best Gift for Your Friend With a Ferrari: Mothership’s Drop Zone

What do you get the person that has everything? Something that they will be the only one with. For the highest echelons of cannabis consumers, that something is a piece from the team over at Mothership Glass. While they have helped produce some of the most expensive pieces in history, the stuff in the Drop Zone tends to be considerably more affordable than the Grateful Dead collaboration with Team Japan that was rumored to pull close to a quarter-million dollars at the American Glass Expo a couple years back. mothershipglass.com/drop-zone.

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