I only watched it once, but Why Shit So Crazy? still enrages me all over again on no less than a weekly basis. Here Comedy Central was putting out the debut DVD from Reggie Watts, wildly inventive musician-comedian who creates stream-of-conscious mini-symphonies on the spot, often using only loop pedals and the chorus of social commentary, sexual energy and fully formed characters that is his brain. The release ended up just another in a long line of assembly-line specials, no statement or sign whatsoever that Watts didn't represent comedy-business-as-usual … though it did make ample use of infinitely juvenile psychedelic visual effects. And that was just the DVD. Pity the poor uninitiated soul who checked out the album version with no advance knowledge, anticipating a rehearsed, laugh-a-minute comedy routine and hearing, in their mind, little more than nonsensical ramblings and repetitious beatboxing. Watts' fans understand what Conan O'Brien and every major comedy festival in the world similarly do: That he is a heaving mass of synapses, magnetism and creativity, and arguably the most wildly inventive new talent of the past five years. The only way to experience him is live.

Thu., Nov. 18, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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