Every New Year is a time for contemplation, resolution and for celebrating the infinite possibilities of the next 365 days. But for many, the end of one year marks the chance for limitless imbibing in the new year.

As we prepare for the leap into a new decade, we offer you this sage advice: hydrate often, don't mix drinks, and eat something substantial before you start celebrating. And for those New Year's revelers that refuse to exercise restraint, we suggest you bookmark this handy list of 2010 hangover cures. We have a feeling you're gonna need it.

Credit: The Delicious Life

Credit: The Delicious Life

1. Replenish Your Liquids with Fresh Juice, a Smoothie, or, for the very-bad-off, a Fountain Soda:

The dehydrating effects of a night of drinking can leave your head feeling three sizes too big and your mouth drier than a hand towel. That parched feeling you are experiencing is your body's way of begging for Vitamin C rich liquids and electrolytes. Studies have proven that fruit juice increases the rate at which the body gets rid of toxins such acetaldehyde, the toxin created by a drinker's over-worked liver. Fructose, a natural sugar found in fruit, also provides energy to face the pain from hooch hounding.

Order some organic fruit juice from Beverly Hills Juice, or pick up a specially blended herbal tonic with fruit juice from at Erewhon Market's Tonic Bar. Or, if the idea of healthy eating is enough to turn your stomach, we suggest drinking a large soda. Because when a hangover is really bad, there's nothing more calming than a big glass of high-fructose laden soda pop. Beverly Hills Juice; 8382 Beverly Blvd.; (323) 655-8300.Erewhon Market; 7660 Beverly Blvd.; (323) 937-0777.

Credit: LA Weekly Flickr Member: Orbitgal

Credit: LA Weekly Flickr Member: Orbitgal

2. Crack a Few Eggs:

After a long night of partying, often the first thing a hangover victim craves is breakfast food. Good thing, too, because it turns out that eggs contain cysteine, a substance that breaks down acetaldehyde, the hangover-causing toxin released by the liver when it works to process an abundance of liquor.

Favorite hangover-fighting egg dishes include Blu Jam Café's hangover burrito (scrambled eggs, beef chorizo, jalapeños, black beans, and cheddar inside a grilled flour tortilla), Jitlada's green curry with salted duck eggs and fish balls, and the huevos con chorizo (three eggs scrambled with house-made chorizo, flour tortillas, and black beans) from Loteria Grill. Blu Jam Café; 7371 Melrose Ave.; (323)951-9191. Loteria Grill; multiple locations. Jitlada Thai Restaurant; 5233 W Sunset Blvd.; (323) 663-3104.

3. Grab a Warm Bowl of Make-it-Better:

Every country has its version of a warm hangover cure: Menudo, Pho, Miso Soup, Tomato soup, and HaeJanKuk are a few. No two hot-pot dishes are created equal. Expect exotic ingredients like congealed blood, tripe, fish heads, and beef bones or fiery peppers, cabbage, tomato, and soy paste. Regardless of the nationality, the goal of these restorative meals are the same–rehydration, soothing, and the opportunity to sweat out the toxins.

Everyone has at least one go-to hangover meal; our own Jonathan Gold swears by a bowl of Korean abalone porridge, or jeonbokjuk, from Bon Juk. Bon Juk:3551 Wilshire Blvd., L.A., (213) 380-2248.

4. Get Your Potassium from Bananas and Coconut Water:

Consuming potassium rich foods like bananas or coconut water after a night of heavy drinking can replenish lost electrolytes needed to keep nerves firing properly and motivate you to get off the couch. Eat a banana and then, for bonus electrolytes, pound a box of coconut water (Vita Coco and Zico are popular brands) from Whole Foods or 7-Eleven. Whole Foods; various locations. 7-Eleven; various locations.

Credit: LA Weekly Flickr Member: Aalorber

Credit: LA Weekly Flickr Member: Aalorber

5. Eat a Burger, Call It a Day:

Look, let's face it. You should have had a burger before you started partying like it was 1999. But once, as the French would say, your face is in the paté, you might as well enjoy the restorative powers of a greasy meal. So indulge that greasy food craving with a double double from In-N-Out, or an egg-topped Pug Burger from Hungry Cat. In-N-Out: various locations. Hungry Cat: 1535 Vine Street; (323) 462-2155.

6. Call in Sick and Follow This Twitter Feed:

Lay on your couch and read the continuous stream of bright ideas from sorry wassailers on the daily hangover cure Tweet page of Twitter.com/hangover_cure.

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