As 2008 hobbles to the finish line and telephone calls to offices across the city go unanswered, here are a few quick freebie activities to engage in.

Rose Parade Route Stakeouts Beginning at noon you can start marking your territory along the Tournament of Roses Parade route. Before that time cops will clear away any dibs markers you may have optimistically left behind on the sidewalk before heading home for a disco nap. At 11 p.m. those wishing to camp out along the route's primo spots can start settling in on the blue-painted “honor line.”  Info: (626) 449-4100.

Take a Hike With Tom LaBonge We mean that literally and in the best sense of this phrase. The Fourth District City Councilman will lead a walk to the top of Mount Hollywood to watch the year's last
sunset. Meet at the Charlie Turner Trailhead, located at the north end of Griffith Park Observatory parking lot. Although the outing might not be a chowhound's dream, light refreshments will be served. Info: Jullian Harris-Calvin (213) 485-3337.

Penn State Rally USC Trojan fans had their pep rally Monday (in the normally staid, alternate universe known as the Americana at Brand, no less), but fans of the Nittany Lions can whoop it up one more day before their team's crushing defeat in tomorrow's Rose Bowl face-off. Beverly Hills High School football field, 241 S. Moreno Dr., B.H.; 3:30 p.m. (800) 546-LION (5466) or (814) 865-7517.

Auto Club Tipsy Tow Service If you aren't going to experiment with sobriety this New Year's Eve, be sure to have a ride lined up or the city will send one of its special black and white limos to chauffeur you to jail. Tonight AAA will give you and your vehicle a free tow home, if you live within seven miles of the party, bar or wherever you're parked. No, you don't have to belong to the Auto Club to use the service and no, the tow truck can't take passengers besides you. Advance reservations are not taken. (800) 400-4-AAA.

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