We know what you're thinking. When you were watching President Barack Obama deliver the State of the Union address last night, there was only one thing on your mind as he explained his plans for getting America back on track: Band names. That's right, in the course of Barry O.'s hour-long speech, he dropped plenty of band names that could satisfy the needs of millions of hard-working Americans who have joined together for the sake of music. Got an indie band with no name? Barack's got ya covered. A Hip Hop troupe with no vision? Obama's on it. Christian Straight-Edge Metalcore band? Yup. We ran the speech through West Coast Sound's high tech Bandnamilizer© to give you 20 band names from the State of the Union Address.

20. The Tax Cuts

Genre: Pub Rock

19. (DJ) Clean Coal

Genre: Acid House

Album title: The world's fastest computer

18. 2,000 Foot Hole

Genre: Alt-Country

17. Edison and the Wright Brothers

Genre: Americana / Folk

Single: “The change has been painful”

16. Free Enterprise (Sound) System

Genre: Hyperdub

15. Pray for the Health

Genre: Christian Straight-Edge Hardcore

14. The Apollo Projects

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop

13. A Light to the World

Genre: Christian Straight-Edge Metalcore

12. Cutting-edge Scientists

Genre: Psychedelic Surf Rock

Album: Surpass the Soviets

11. Determined Enemies

Genre: Thrash Metal

10. The American Family

Genre: Hipster folk

9. Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Genre: Male-female Singer Songwriter Duo

8. Stranglehold

Genre: Gore Core

7. Tucson

Genre: Indie Rock

6. We Do Big Things

Genre: U.K. Nu-Rave

Album title: Bigger than Party

5. Robust Democracy

Genre: Country

4. (the) Corporate Profits

Genre: Politically Edged Hip Hop

3. People Danced in the Streets

Genre: Electro Afrobeat

2. Winning the Future

Genre: Screamo

1. Our Sputnik Moment [Ed.'s Note: not as good as our Sigue Sigue Sputnik moment.]

Genre: Anthemic Indie Rock

BONUS (Boehnerus?)

To keep things bipartisan, here are five bands from the GOP response to the State of the Union speech, by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

5. Crushing Burden

Genre: Scandinavian Black Metal

4. Premiums are Rising

Genre: Trip Hop

3. That Violent Morning

Genre: Crabcore

2. Failed Stimulus

Genre: Ghettotech

1. The Unemployed

Genre: Punk

Read the transcripts of the State of the Union Address and the Republican response and tell us the band names you find.

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