ParkingSpotShaming is an Instagram account I started in May as a way to blow off some steam. I moved to Los Angeles from Connecticut six years ago to work as a makeup artist, and when I moved into my Hollywood apartment this past October I very quickly realized what a mistake I made signing a lease for a place with no designated parking. I initially started taking pictures in my neighborhood, and would send them to my friends and family out of pure frustration. Eventually I started posting photos on Instagram, and submissions started coming in almost immediately.

We all deal with terrible parking and rude people. We could all use a place to vent. And the comic relief of it all has definitely helped to cope when I come home after a long day and can't even park in my own neighborhood.

So the next time you park your car, be sure to do it well. You never know who is watching.

Here are 17 of the worst parking jobs I've found:

'Cause diagonal parking is a thing now?
0Beverly Center
The parking here is ALWAYS terrible, but how is anyone supposed to spend all their dollars on designer items when people insist on parking like this?!

0.5)Los Feliz
I’m pretty sure this is the opposite of legal
0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0Downtown
This is just straight up obnoxious.

0Woodland Hills
Yes it’s a big truck, maybe you should learn how to park it.

0.5)West L.A.
This submission was from a woman who shamed her boyfriend’s parking job.

0Marina Del Rey
Those little lines matter too.

Culver City
Parking Enforcement is obviously exempt from having to park appropriately. 

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I think you’re supposed to learn how to read before going to college.

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Rock n Roll Ralphs, Hollywood
Just gonna go grab some toilet paper and bananas… I’ll take the ‘vette… and park like a jerk.

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It appears that this promo vehicle has been sitting there for a while. Plenty of time to fix the parking, no?

sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none; target=_top>A photo posted by @driafarr (@parkingspotshaming) on

West Hollywood
Maybe having three wheels makes this thing difficult to park?

West L.A.
Hey, you did it to yourself.
0Silver Lake
This person may or may not have been drinking while parking this car. You decide.
0Santa Monica
Further proof Angelenos can't drive when it rains.

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