Are you sick of Halloween yet? Me neither! It should be Halloween everyday. (And here at the LA Weekly's Style Council, it often feels like it is.) The Los Angeles County Museum of Art's annual Muse Costume Ball is one of the best places to people-watch. This year, couples stole the show. Here are the choicest ones, with a few solo-flyers who should have been couples, but sadly were not. I match them up for you now through the magic of blogging.

1. Siegfried & Roy

Seriously, if your costume involves hauling a pair of stuffed tigers around all night, you deserve to win. And I dare say these two actually did win something at LACMA's costume contest.

2. The Tigers

A couple within a couple. Double the trouble!

3. Shrunken Head Guy & Medusa

I'm not sure what these two were trying to achieve thematically, but they looked spectacular.

4. The Aristocats

Women dressed as French aristocrats dressed as cats. That's right, crazy cat ladies are royalty, I tell you. Royalty.

5. Totem Pole & Xena Warrior Princess

They've transcended cultures to be together.

6. The Cleavers

These two whippersnappers would not let me take their photo until I guessed who they were. Oh Ward. Oh June. Why do you torment me so?

7. Bert & Ernie

There is nothing more disturbing than giant Bert and Ernie wandering around, drunk, at a museum late at night. Thanks for the creepiness, guys!

8. Vampire & Doctor

Wouldn't they make a great sitcom? Vampires and doctors?

9. Pris from Blade Runner & Punk Rock Girl

At least, that's who I think these two are. That girl on the left is Daryl Hannah from Blade Runner, right? Or maybe a disgruntled teenage Stormtrooper? Either way, they're both clearly channeling the 80's.

10. Dia De Los Muertos

The photo in no way does justice to the awesomeness of these costumes. These two were like a psycho carnival ride through Hell with a pit stop at a candy shop.

11. Geisha & Samurai

Very Memoirs of a Geisha meets that Tom Cruise movie where he played a samurai.

12. Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf

These two were having a serious discussion of some sort. Something about a missing grandmother? I can't be certain.

13. Hamburger Helper & Chinese Take Out

East meets West. Noodles meets more noodles. At least, I think Hamburger Helper was noodles. Was it? Maybe it was just sauce. Hmm…

14. Lobster Girl & Jellyfish Boy

Ah! At last. The part where we put two totally random strangers together by virtue of the costumes they have chosen for themselves. Lobster Girl was manning the check-in table. Two feet away, Jellyfish Boy was about to fall in line for the mashed potato bar. Could it have been love? Can a crustacean and a humble marine invertebrate with no central nervous system find romance in this vast polluted ocean we call life? Alas. A missed connection.

15. Deathly Bride & Beetlejuice

Her sign said, “Waited Too Long.” His arms rolled out, like, four feet long. But it was an empty embrace. She was the bride who never was. He, the ultimate bachelor. Patience: it is not always a virtue.

16. Lady Gaga & Sharktopus

This guy, whose friends called him Sharktopus, had the weirdest costume. I'd match him up with Lady Gaga below in the bubble outfit. One, because Lady Gaga is weird. And two, because sharks are carnivores and I'm pretty sure this girl's got a meat dress festering back at home in her closet.

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