15 Book Coaches to Watch in 2023

Embarking on the journey of writing a book is an ambitious and often daunting task. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, the process requires dedication, skill, and a deep understanding of storytelling. 

However, many aspiring authors find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of the writing process, unsure of where to start or how to navigate the challenges. This is where the invaluable role of a book coach comes into play.

A book coach will help you by providing personalized support at every stage of the journey so you can achieve your book-writing goals. It’s all about finding the right fit! 

To help with that, here are the top 10 book coaches of 2023:

Lauren Eckhardt

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Lauren Eckhardt is not only an award-winning and bestselling author but also a highly skilled book coach and ghostwriter. Lauren is the founder of Burning Soul Collective, a book coaching and publishing company that empowers aspiring authors to chase their book-writing dreams with confidence. With a focus on each writer’s unique voice and story, Lauren and her team specialize in book coaching, ghostwriting, and publishing to support first-time writers on their author journey.

At Burning Soul Collective, they believe that everyone’s story is worthy of being written and shared because your time here matters. Lauren and her team are dedicated to coaching writers on what’s possible without encouraging them to fit into a cookie-cutter mold. Instead, they offer personalized coaching to help writers make the most out of their dream and create long-term impact through their work. 

If you’re an aspiring author looking to do more with your book than just write it, if you’re focused on sharing your message and creating a lasting legacy, then Burning Soul Collective is the perfect fit for you. With Lauren’s guidance and expertise, you can be confident that your book will be everything you envisioned and more. 

Dr. Nick Courtright

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With a Ph.D. in Literature and an impressive literary portfolio, Dr. Nick Courtright brings a wealth of expertise as a writer, editor, educator, scholar, and publisher. A firm believer in the power of exceptional book publication services, he established Atmosphere Press in 2015 as an alternative approach to bringing outstanding books into the world. 

His unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, professionalism, kindness, and making each book truly awesome is at the core of Atmosphere Press’ foundation and continues to drive its mission.

The author of three acclaimed books, Dr. Courtright’s remarkable achievements as an author and poet have graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The Harvard Review, The Southern Review, Kenyon Review, and Boston Review, among more than 100 other publication venues. His words have resonated with readers around the globe and have even been featured in The Best American Poetry and SPIN Magazine. 

Atmosphere Press stands out as the only publisher that places rewarding and meaningful author experiences above all else. With nearly 1000 published books, dozens of award-winning authors, and tens of thousands of readers reached, Dr. Courtright’s unwavering dedication to nurturing strong and meaningful creative relationships sets Atmosphere Press apart.

Dr. Courtright’s profound respect for the significance of writing a book is reflected in Atmosphere Press’ approach. They prioritize forming true first-name relationships with their authors, understanding the immense time and effort it takes to craft a book. If you’re a writer who’d like your book considered for publication, contact Atmosphere Press here.

Cathy Fyock

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Founded by Cathy Fyock, The Business Book Strategist, Cathy Fyock, LLC offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, writing retreats, and learning programs to thought leaders and professionals who want to write a book as part of their business growth strategy. With Cathy’s proven process, clients can complete their book in only six months. 

With over 200 professionals successfully published since starting her business in 2014, Cathy is an expert in helping solopreneurs and experts in their fields discover the writer within. Admittedly, Cathy doesn’t like to write–unusual coming from a book coach and published author–but this is what makes her an effective coach. She understands that you don’t have to love writing to become published, but you do need a process to make your writing time more productive.

Cathy believes in the power of community, which is why many of her services include group coaching cohorts and Speaker-Author Mastermind groups to provide encouragement and support. Her clients are often extroverts who benefit from the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. 

Moreover, Cathy offers complete support. Her services include an initial strategy session to align the book with the client’s business, weekly accountability calls, and access to weekly group coaching sessions and monthly Master Classes taught by professionals in writing, publishing, and promotion. Cathy’s newest book, Writer Crisis Hotline, co-authored with Allie Pleiter, will be released Fall 2023 

Cathy firmly believes that authors change the world, one word at a time.

Porsché Mysticque Steele

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Porsché Mysticque Steele is an extraordinary book coach, professional speaker, and the CEO of MysticqueRose Publishing Services. With a passion for empowering high-performing CEOs, she specializes in guiding them as they combine their stories and wisdom to create impactful books that generate income, influence, and expand their thought leadership.

As one of the youngest black female self-publishing experts, Porsché brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the publishing industry. She embodies her core values of communication, integrity, and supporting others, ensuring that every client receives the utmost care and attention throughout their publishing journey. 

Porsché and her team at MysticqueRose Publishing Services are dedicated to unlocking the stories and knowledge business owners possess, empowering them to share their insights powerfully through books that make a real impact on their readers.

Porsché’s approach to book coaching emphasizes the importance of authors looking beyond themselves and focusing on their readers’ desired outcomes. Through valuable services and unwavering dedication, she guides aspiring authors to understand that impactful books are not solely about their own stories but rather about creating transformation and value for their readers. 

As a book coach, she goes beyond the role of a mentor, becoming a safe space and a permanent fixture in her clients’ lives. Together, they embark on a journey to touch, move, and inspire the lives of others, thus infusing a profound sense of humanity into their work so they can transform their stories into truly impactful books.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

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Founded by expert Book Coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein, The Book Midwife® supports those looking to write and publish an expertise book but don’t know where to start. Founded in 2002, The Book Midwife® has helped over a thousand professionals and leaders to plan, write, and publish their own thought-leading books. With a philosophy that every book deserves to be written and published, Mindy has developed a powerful process to help aspiring authors get their books done better and faster, with more clarity and confidence.

With the famous 90-day program, aspiring authors are guaranteed to go from idea to finished manuscript in just three months. The Book Midwife® offers a variety of options, including exclusive one-to-one private coaching, group coaching, and online courses, to suit every author’s needs. With over 1000 client books already in print and 17 awards won or shortlisted, The Book Midwife® has a proven track record of success.

But what sets The Book Midwife® apart is Mindy’s commitment to high-quality, exclusive one-to-one private coaching. She believes that creating a truly thought-leading book requires extra consideration and care, which can only be provided with the support and guidance of a world-class book coach. So, if you’re ready to turn your book idea into a reality, let Mindy and The Book Midwife® be your guide!

Kadesha Powell

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Kadesha Powell is a literary trailblazer with an insatiable passion for storytelling. As an Amazon #1 Best Selling author, Kadesha captivated readers worldwide with her powerful debut memoir, “Growing up Joplin,” a poignant reflection on her trials and triumphs as one of the few African Americans raised in a small, predominantly white, Midwestern town.

But Kadesha’s journey doesn’t stop there. Her next project, “Queen of Bahia,” co-authored with Erica B. Davis, is a thrilling romantic suspense tale and it’s a part of the esteemed Queens of the Castle series curated by USA Today and Essence Best Selling author, Naleighna Kai. With her knack for weaving gripping narratives, Kadesha continues to push the boundaries of literary excellence.

Not content with her own writing endeavors, Kadesha has embraced her role as a book coach, empowering aspiring authors to share their unique stories with the world. She is a firm believer that everyone has a tale worth telling, and her forthcoming book, “Memoir Magic: Unlocking the Power of your Personal Story,” available on June 20, 2023, aims to guide individuals through that transformative process.

With a focus on memoirs, self-help, and devotionals, Kadesha offers a range of invaluable services to her clients, including coaching, editing, and marketing. If you’re ready to turn your writing aspirations into reality, she is the guide you’ve been seeking to help you break free from creative stagnation and bring your literary dreams to life. If you’d like to learn more about Kadesha’s outstanding services, visit her website!

Karen Roy

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Owner of Book Coaching Academy, Karen Roy is a successful author, consultant, book coach, and entrepreneur who never imagined herself as a writer. Her experience with a women’s networking group she and a colleague founded led her to co-write a book on leadership. 

That book helped establish her as an expert in her field and opened doors to speaking engagements, roundtable discussions, and higher-paying clients. Karen’s coaching business stands out as she teaches entrepreneurs how to write and market their own non-fiction books using her FastTrack methodology, which she developed. 

Her online course distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive package that includes a tactical, practical, step-by-step approach to writing a nonfiction book. Weekly live coaching calls and a focus on marketing and maximizing the book’s return on investment (ROI) provide clients with everything they need to launch successfully. With Karen’s expert guidance and personalized support, clients will gain a unique learning experience. 

Unlock your potential and say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion. With Karen by your side and all the incredible book-writing tools you will have available, get ready to unleash your full creative force and turn your book into a page-turner.    

Sue Brown-Moore

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Known as a tough editor with a velvet touch, Sue Brown-Moore is a Book Coach & Storysmith who helps fiction writers develop relatable characters and craft compelling story arcs. Sue specializes in heartwarming stories, where the heroes evolve and become their best selves through the choices they make. Her unique story-analysis frameworks and revision techniques show writers how to prioritize the story choices that matter most, so they can write the right book the first time.

Sue works exclusively with character-driven fiction, with a particular focus on romance, and champions progressive and inclusive literature. She is a frequent speaker at writing-focused summits and conventions, and her expertise has earned her recognition in publications such as Publisher’s Weekly. Her collaborative efforts with authors, as both a freelance and acquiring editor, have resulted in nominations and wins for industry awards like the Vivian, the Golden Heart, and the Lambda.

Sue’s storytelling approach is grounded in human psychology and guides writers through thought-provoking mindset shifts. She teaches authors to think like developmental editors, approaching revision from the soul of the story rather than focusing on plot technicalities. Her empathetic coaching style encourages writers to build trust with themselves, because compelling stories come from the heart, not a rote formula. 

Start crafting characters readers will rave about, and build an author brand that celebrates you. Check out Sue’s confidence-building workshops, playbooks, and bite-sized training articles, and take your writing to the next level. 

Karyn Fischer

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Karyn Fischer is the creative force behind Story & Prose Book Coaching and Editorial Services, where she offers book coaching services designed to bring out the best in aspiring fiction authors. With a wealth of experience as a literary agent, writer, bookseller, and more, Karyn knows the ins and outs of the publishing industry. But it’s her genuine passion for helping writers that sets her apart.

When Karyn isn’t coaching, editing, or agenting, she can be found immersed in the things she loves most: spending time with her family and dogs, sipping tea, delving into captivating books, and exploring the great outdoors. Yes, she manages to do it all!

At Story & Prose, Karyn’s primary focus is on finding and honing the Heart and the Hook of every story—a vital combination that propels novels to stand out from the slush pile. With over 10 years in the publishing industry and an MFA in creative writing, Karyn has the knowledge and expertise to guide writers toward success.

Ready to embark on your writing journey? Karyn offers a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a book idea but don’t know where to start, have a solid foundation and need help bringing your story to life, have completed a draft but want to take it to the next level, or you’re ready to publish, Karyn has a program for you. Work with her to discover the expertise and passion she brings to the world of book coaching!

Savannah Gilbo

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Savannah Gilbo is a highly skilled and certified developmental editor and book coach. She specializes in helping fiction authors to write, edit, and publish stories that resonate with readers. Her extensive experience and passion for her work are evident in her top-rated Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast, which has garnered over 1.5 million downloads and consistent 5-star ratings.

With her signature course, Notes to Novel, Savannah offers a comprehensive A-Z process that guides writers through the complexities of turning their ideas into first drafts, while avoiding common pitfalls like overwhelm and self-doubt. Savannah’s approach is all about making the writing process easy and accessible, with simple, actionable, and step-by-step strategies that writers of all skill levels and genres can implement in their work.

Savannah enjoys celebrating success (no matter how big or small), so she shares stories and examples from her real-life clients in her podcast and courses, offering practical insights and inspiration to writers looking to achieve their goals. Her signature course has welcomed over 300 students, many of whom have gone on to successfully publish their books, both traditionally and through self-publishing.

With Savannah as your coach and mentor, you’ll benefit from her wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you’re an aspiring author just starting out or a seasoned writer looking to take your craft to the next level, Savannah’s approachable and supportive coaching style will help you achieve your writing goals with confidence and clarity.

Jessica J. Hill

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Jessica J. Hill is a memoir coach and developmental editor who is dedicated to helping writers turn their experiences into stories other people want to read. Jessica believes in the transformative power of true stories for their ability to foster empathy, forge connections, inspire, and even empower both the author and their readers. 

As an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach with a master’s degree in creative nonfiction and a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Jessica possesses a unique blend of storytelling prowess and editorial acumen. As a writer herself, Jessica loves the challenge that writing a memoir presents. As a genre that often lies in the gray area between fiction and nonfiction, it requires a strategic and creative approach unlike any other. 

But writing a book of any kind is no easy endeavor, especially when we try to do it alone. With Jessica as your mentor, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. She works closely with a select group of women, providing them with the accountability, encouragement, editorial feedback, and strategic guidance necessary to stay on track from draft to publication. 

Jessica’s passion for writing and coaching also extends to organizing and leading international writing retreats. Picture yourself immersed in a luxurious resort in Sayulita, Mexico, from February 6-11, 2024, surrounded by fellow writers and guided by Jessica’s expertise. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to nurture your creativity, delve deeper into your craft, and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Kathy Sparrow

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Kathy Sparrow is an acclaimed book coach, award-winning author, and publishing consultant with over two decades of experience mentoring aspiring writers. Founder of A Writable Life, Kathy specializes in self-development, leadership, and memoir. She has been the secret weapon behind many thought leaders, helping them achieve bestseller status.

Kathy’s impressive portfolio includes co-authoring Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results. Her novel, The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, has been compared to A River Runs Through It. She has also co-authored children’s books, Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules (2022) and Stanky & Cece: Out of Control (2023). As a collaborative ghostwriter, she penned The Precipice of Life: Leadership and Personal Growth Insights from a Mountaineer’s Edge by Bo Parfet. 

With ghostwriting and editing experience in personal growth and development, memoir, and leadership, Kathy’s work has spanned renowned publishers like IDG Press, Master’s Press, Wish Publishing, and ARE Press. Her articles have been featured in esteemed publications such as Saltwater Fly Fishing, Indianapolis Woman, Indiana Business Magazine, Emagazine, and Hudson Valley Magazine.

Kathy’s coaching approach integrates personal transformation and scientific success tools. With training from experts like Jack Canfield, Dr. Deb Sandella, and Laurie Seymour, she helps clients overcome obstacles, expand mindset, and create lives filled with vitality and well-being. 

Through A Writable Life, Kathy offers a wide range of valuable services and resources that cater specifically to aspiring writers. Join her and allow her guidance to help you unleash your full writing potential. 

Sally-Shakti Willow

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Sally-Shakti Willow is a remarkable book coach and Visionary Writing Guide, specializing in assisting Soul-Centered Entrepreneurs. She’s also the founder of Writing & Thriving, a safe and supportive environment for visionary writers to embark on their book-writing journey while simultaneously growing their coaching businesses to reach a wider audience ready to embrace the healing power of their methods.

Sally-Shakti has honed her skills by helping visionary writers overcome the key symptoms of writer’s block, including procrastination, perfectionism, and burnout. Based on her experience of working with hundreds of writers, she has developed effective practices to enable writers to complete their visionary writing projects. 

With a Ph.D. in Poetry and an embodied coaching practice that encompasses yoga, meditation, and writing, Sally-Shakti emphasizes the holistic well-being of her clients as they embark on the process of writing their visionary books. She understands that nurturing the whole self is essential to unleashing the full potential of their writing abilities.

At the core of Sally-Shakti’s coaching approach is her dedication to supporting individuals who dare to share new ideas and create transformative possibilities through their words. These visionary writers often feel out of place within established norms and have possibly experienced “writing trauma” due to the judgment and criticism they may have faced in their earlier writing experiences. 

With Sally-Shakti Willow as a book coach and visionary writing guide, aspiring authors and soul-centered entrepreneurs can find the guidance, support, and transformative practices needed to manifest their visionary books and impact the world with their words.

Erin R. Lund

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Nonfiction book coach and editor Erin R. Lund is on a mission to empower experts, educators, and entrepreneurs to write life-changing books to share their inspirational stories and expertise. She is the owner of Sunshine Editorial Services & Book Coaching and specializes in the genres of self-help, memoir, personal development, holistic wellness, and alternative spirituality. 

Being an author herself, Erin intimately understands the creative process —the struggle of coaxing words onto the page and the vulnerability it entails. As a book coach, Erin is passionate about amplifying the voices of women through her transformative and empowering work. That’s why she crafted her Master Plan to Writing Your Life-Changing Book program, an illuminating approach that takes changemakers on a journey deep into their mission so they can unleash their vision and bring their transformational message to the world in a powerful book. 

Through an interlocking set of simple steps, Erin guides her clients in confidently shaping and organizing their books so they can write with ease, even if they’ve never written a book before. Her insightful feedback helps writers find their unique voice and refine their work to create their best book right from the start. This signature book coaching program is so powerful, it was recently featured in the Amazon international bestseller, Get Published: Industry Experts Share Their Secrets.

Bring your transformational message and story to the world with Erin and Sunshine Editorial Services & Book Coaching so her passion and expertise can transform your publishing dreams into a remarkable reality.

Michael Roney

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Led by award-winning publishing pro and book coach Michael Roney, Highpoint Executive Publishing is where author success takes center stage. Michael and his veteran publishing team employ the best industry practices and provide personalized support to help clients bring their book vision to life while maintaining full control of their story, marketing strategy, and future opportunities. 

Michael brings a wealth of experience from renowned publishing houses such as Random House, Bantam IDG Books Worldwide, and John Wiley & Sons. With a track record of publishing hundreds of books generating over $60 million in sales, he now brings his full expertise to each Highpoint client’s specific needs and goals. Michael has also collaborated with prestigious organizations and governments, including Forbes, Microsoft, AT&T, Samsung, and more.

Highpoint Executive Publishing prides itself on its hands-on approach. While other publishers operate on volume models, Highpoint focuses on the unique needs of each writer. As editorial director, Michael oversees every project with meticulous attention to detail, and he’s assisted by a team of industry veterans. This is how they provide the same level of expertise as traditional publishing houses but with a more personalized approach. 

Highpoint Executive Publishing provides comprehensive support on all stages of the process, from strategy development to ghostwriting (as needed), manuscript development, design, global publishing, and marketing execution. If you’re ready to get started, Michael and his team will show you what it’s like to work with a true publishing partner. 

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