The L.A. City Attorney's office this week told 141 medical marijuana dispensaries to shut down or else:

Continuance of the medical marijuana operations at this location will subject you to legal action which may result in the granting of injunctive relief and the imposition of monetary penalties, investigative costs, and attorneys' fees. Additionally, administrative action to discontinue the use and padlock the property may be pursued.

That's according to a letter to the shop operators that was written by assistant City Attorney Asha Greenberg.

Ooh. Spookier than Charlie Sheen-brand weed.

The letter argues that those dispensaries aren't even eligible to go for a lottery that will allow 100 pot shops to stay open in L.A. Those businesses must have been operating before September 14, 2007 and must also meet other requirements under the city's dispensary ordinance.

In other words, the 141 shops don't have a chance.

But: Key parts of the city's pot shop law are on hold after a court struck them down. The Los Angeles Times reported late Wednesday that the city has basically asked a California appeals court for a reversal.

That would make Greenberg's letter more potent. As it is, these 141 pot shops are essentially thumbing their nose at a city that has so far held back widespread enforcement of its dispensary rules.

Without the backing of an appeals court ruling that could continue to happen.

Oh, and did we tell you, the people of this city just passed a 5 percent sales tax on pot sold at dispensaries?

Strange times.

See the list here.

LA Weekly