If the Humane Society hadn't gotten to her first, this mysterious Pasadena shut-in, who neighbors knew only as “Tammy,” would have been a prime candidate for “Hoarders” — the crazy cat-lady edition.

But Tammy goes so far beyond crazy cat lady. Tammy is bat-shit insane serial cat freak extraordinaire: She's been keeping 140 cats in a storage shed behind her house in Temple City (South Altadena Drive near East Colorado Boulevard) since she moved there two years ago.

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that the animals were found living in their own waste, stuck in crates with eye and lung infections, not to mention a lifelong fear of crazy cat ladies named Tammy.

Oh, and that doesn't include the several dead ones found in the freezer.

Over 20 Pasadena Humane Society workers hauled the cats out wearing gas masks, while neighbors ran from the smell. Apparently, volunteers feeding the cats for the elusive Tammy called the animal-rescue line to report their boss for her sketchiness. We're not sure why they volunteered in the first place, and are gonna hashtag this one #assistedcrime. Really, guys. Any friend of Tammy is enemy of cat.

The newspaper called the scene a “squalid metropolis,” where “animals lived on top of each other in… carrying crates.” In over a century of the Pasadena Humane Society's existence, there's only been one bust larger than this, and nothing involving this many cats.

Aside from detecting a minor stench, neighbors said they never saw it coming:

“I have never seen one single cat in the whole two years she's lived here,” said a neighbor who declined to be identified by name.

“When she moved here (2 years ago) she told us she had only 10 cats, but she came late at night so no one would know,” said Wilfred Duran, another neighbor.

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