Tinseltown is celebrating love, lust and all things awesome Jan. 22 at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy Gallery, the carnal lair of sexologist Dr. Susan Block, PhD, whose Block Institute for Erotic Arts & Sciences is hosting the west coast's ode to Eros, the god of love.

Block says Eros Day is celebrating every year around this time when the asteroid aptly named “433-EROS” spins closest to the Earth. Discovered by Carl Gustav Witt in 1898, the Eros planetoid measures 25.3×9.1×8.8 miles and is astoundingly phallic in shape.

“The better to penetrate our hearts and other metaphorical organs,” Block says.

About a decade ago Italian erotic writer and director Lasse Braun conceived the current Eros Day and passed it onto Block who now makes it her mission to host the annual celebration which sometimes draws hundreds of people under one roof.

The event also will host the opening of Black's Erotic Theater in her lair's Womb Room (I have no idea – never been, and not sure if I'll want to enter) where festivities will take place under a 20-foot ceiling and on several king-sized beds and couches. So basically everyone's gonna get it on.

So if you want to join hundreds of Angelenos (and probably some Germans) in essentially a giant orgy in honor of the god Eros and a big penis-shaped asteroid, head to the heart of Downtown L.A. and say “Wassup?” to Dr. Suzy.

Oh there will be sexy art there, too, so those of you who'd rather keep your pants on can enjoy work by artists including Scott Siedman, Yossi Vardan, Alex Filangieri, JuxLii, Andrew Dunbar, Skee Goodhart, Tom Zimmerman, Annie Sprinkle, Betty Dodson, John Evans, Sayko, Doug Johns, Karin Swildens, Glenn Campbell and Xam Paris.

And if that's not enough, you can meet AVN Award winner Axel Braun and a slew of erotic (aka porn) stars who'll be…on hand. No guarantees any of them are gonna want to see you naked, but there's a good chance you'll get to watch them do stuff you've only seen in 30-second clips on YouPorn.

For more info, and apparently to reserve a spot, visit DrSuzyB.com/HY. Quick, go. Go now.

Maybe I'll see you there.

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