See our post about how one of the people caught in traffic was the City Attorney, who will be the man who charges the suspects. First posted at 11:22 a.m.

A music act called Imperial Stars blocked the southbound 101 freeway at Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Tuesday morning for the urgent act of … putting on a show.

The move shut down the southbound side of the freeway, according to the California Highway Patrol.

According to Twitter accounts from the scene, the band was putting on a concert performing a song called “Traffic Jam 101” — right in the middle of the freeway. Los Angeles police told the Weekly three members of the band got on top of what appeared to be a tour bus and jammed away.

It wasn't clear if the trio was actually playing instruments or just grooving to canned tunes, says Los Angeles police Officer Sarah Faden.

The vehicle appeared to be blocking at least half the southbound lanes. The incident at Sunset Boulevard was reported at 10:30 a.m. Faden said.

A CHP sergeant told the Weekly there were “a couple people in custody.” The patrol tweeted that “Band 'Imperial Stars' has been arrested on US 101 @ Sunset after blocking road to hold concert~'Traffic Jam 101' one of their songs.”

Looks like the Imperial Stars were in handcuffs Tuesday following a publicity stunt on the 101 freeway.; Credit:

Looks like the Imperial Stars were in handcuffs Tuesday following a publicity stunt on the 101 freeway.; Credit:

Via Twitter the CHP stated that three people have been arrested.

All-time publicity stunt or just a good way to get arrested? Only time will tell.

Update: A commenter here says that the stunt was staged to get publicity for homeless children.

The band's site states:

The Imperial Stars are committed to benefiting the displaced children of America through the voice of music. Charitable focused movements in addition to professional sound quality fit for all demographics; vision of mainstream success is directed back into the community voluntarily. Progression is a standard with our audio production, collective marketing strategies and overall business approach, therefore building relationships and doing well by them is the priority at Imperial One Entertainment.

Not everyone was happy with the band's freeway-closing stance.

A Twitter user named @crixlee writes:

“Imperial Stars can lick my metaphorical balls. Don't fuck with my drive time, L.A. traffic is bad enough as it is.”

Update #2: Authorities said someone affiliated with the band drove off in another vehicle with the rig's keys, thus making the traffic tie-up last longer as CHP officials called in a tow truck to move the tour bus.

A CHP official told KNX 1070 Newsradio that authorities will attempt to “throw the book” at the trio for blocking midday traffic.

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