Jessica Paré is having the best day ever.

After last night's season 5 premiere of Mad Men, the utter marvelousness of her character Megan Draper became the only thing anyone could talk about, mostly due to a hot, twisted floor sex scene with hubby Don, and a coquettish rendition of '60s hit “Zou Bisou Bisou.” (Now available on iTunes. Because…of course.) Like Harry Crane, 3.5 million viewers who tuned in last night were officially seduced.

And everyone at AMC knows it, because they finagled a spur-of-the-moment conference call this afternoon with Paré so she could give we Mad Men piranhas the insider Draper info we so desperately desired. Turn the page for the top 10 most interesting things we learned about Megan Draper and Mad Men's fifth season.

10. Jessica Paré was less nervous about shooting a scene in her bra and underwear than she was about this conference call.

Paré is a relative newbie to all this attention. Mad Men is her big break, but really, no one paid that much attention to her character until last night, when she implanted a French fetish into half the viewing population. As such, she joked of anxiety about this sudden roundtable interview.

She was less nervous about shooting a half-naked scene because, as she says, “Megan has real power in her underwear, as opposed to vulnerability.”

9. She had no idea Megan's part would be so big when she auditioned.

“Though that was probably in [creator] Matt [Weiner's] head,” she admits. Still, when Paré read for the part of Megan, she had no idea she'd end up Don Draper's wife.

8. Megan accepts Don Draper, and Dick Whitman.

In a scene with Don, Megan mentions Dick Whitman, indicating she knows her husband's sordid history. Paré's impression is that Megan doesn't care. “She accepts the whole person in front of her,” Paré says, “which I think is part of why Don is so happy.”

7. Peggy is the new Don.

“Last season,” Paré says, “when Peggy and Joan were having a laugh about the fact that Don was marrying his secretary, it looked as though it was being set up for Peggy and Megan to have an antagonistic relationship. But Peggy's taken Megan under her wing much in the way Don took Peggy under his wing. I think there's an interesting mirror there.”

6. Megan is not the new Betty.

“Megan is Don's equal in a lot of ways,” Paré says. “One of the ways that she has some kind of power over him is that they are such a great match sexually and physically.”

5. Paré never imagined releasing a single.

Singing wasn't necessarily part of what Jessica signed up to do when she took on the role of Megan, but in the season 4 finale, she sang a song with Don's children and has a hunch Matthew Weiner liked it and decided to do more.

“I never thought I would make a single,” she says, “let alone an actual, physical record, because there's a 7-inch vinyl out there too.”

4. Paré loves Megan's wardrobe, but thinks Stan Rizzo could use a makeover.

“I especially noticed watching last night how tight his clothes are,” she says. “That character could stand to go up a size.”

3. Megan, like Joan, is on track to be a modern woman.

“Megan wants to work,” Paré says, “but she's already taken on a parental role with Don's kids.” Whether or not there will be a new baby Draper running around in season 6 remains to be seen.

2. There's no problem that can't be solved with floor sex.

When asked if she anticipates any trouble in paradise between Megan and Don, Paré jokes, “Is there really any problem that can't be solved with angry floor sex?” She continues saying that “this isn't a show about people being happy,” and that there will be more tense moments between the two characters.

1. Everyone on set was humming “Zou Bisou Bisou” they day they shot the scene.

Much like today, all over America.

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